Upcoming Juggling Festivals History

May 27th, 1994.
Have changed the index page for the service to make it a bit nicer looking and easier to use.

May 26th, 1994.
Changed the structure of the access to the festival files to line up with that used in the Jugglers Mall. Festivals are now grouped as; USA & Canada, UK, Germany, Rest of Europe, & Antipodes.
Also, have added an alt="" bit to any IMG bits of many of the files for the benefit of people with text-only browsers. This will be gradually done to all the files. All new files added will have this facility.

May 24th, 1994.
Made some improvements to make the maintenance of the files easier (particularly the use of relative path names rather than absolute). Also added a new page to allow the user to see on a single page which festival files have been added/amended most recently.

May 11th, 1994.
Sent the information to Barry at an ftp site for him to place on the WWW server.

May 10th, 1994.
Updated the files so that the links should work on www.juggling.org. If you're reading this, then some of them obviously do!

May 7th, 1994.
Learnt how to use HTML and set up the files locally on my Mac, using Kaskade and The Catch as information sources.

May 5th, 1994.
I Volunteered to take on the upkeep of this service on the WWW.

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