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My essentials are:
Rupert Voelcker

Tel (work): +44 473 645 218
Tel (home): +44 394 278 556 (with answering machine)
Fax: +44 473 644 649

e_mail: (or)

I like:
to Juggle
So I access the Juggling Information Service quite a bit, where I maintain the Upcoming Juggling Festivals Service.
I keep an eye on what's happening in rec.juggling as well. Click for the 50 most recent messages in the archive.

Picture of sailboards in wavesto windsurf
sometimes I look at rec.windsurfing
There's also the home page for the rec.windsurfing W3 archive ,
and Massachusetts Coast Windsurfing,
and Windsurfing sites on Long Island

and to listen to music
So I have been known to look at Adam Curry's Server.
and the The UK Indie/Alternative Music Scene pages are worth a look.

What an interesting chap I am!!

I work for:
BT at their Research Laboratories at Martlesham Heath, Ipswich on Subjective Assessment in Advanced Perception.

So there you have it!

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