File Retrieval Service

This is the Juggling Information Service's File Retrieval Service, provided as a service to all jugglers who would like to have access to the JIS, but cannot reach it via the WWW.

Note: For those with FTP capability, just visit:


You can use E-mail to retrieve files from the Juggling Information Service. To use any of the commands that make up this service, send an E-mail message to The Subject of the message is ignored.

In the body, you may use commands as in the following examples:
	# lines starting with a # are ignored
	# white space at the beginning and ends of lines is ignored

	# set your return E-mail address, usually not needed

	# get the instructions

	# fetch a handy Unix program for interacting with this service

	# retrieve the index of all available files

	# retrieve the indexes to the pictures and animations and help files
	SEND pics/
	SEND animations/
	SEND help/

	# retrieve a Popovitch picture, a Rastelli film, and JugglePro 3.6
	# WARNING:  File names are case sensitive.
	#           Do *not* alter upper/lower case.
	SEND pics/Pics/popovitch.gif
	SEND animations/rastelli.mpg
	SEND programs/ibm-pc/

	# retrieve the list of U.S and Canada club meetings.
	SEND meetings/no_amer.html

	all lines following one starting with two hyphens are ignored
	.signature goes here

Command Summary

PATH address

The PATH command sets your return E-mail address, and if used, it must be the first command of your message. By default, the server will attempt to reply to your mail by looking at the header of the received message, like "reply" does in most mailers. If you use this command, however, it will instead send mail to the given address. For most people, the PATH command is not needed.

Example: PATH


Sends this text.

Example: HELP


Sends a copy of a Unix shell program that makes it even easier to retrieve files and the index of available files from the JIS, using a simple command line interface that does the mailing for you. It also may be used to conveniently unpack the files returned from the service. The unpacking function requires the presence of the perl command.

Example: PROG


Sends an annotated index of all of the JIS files that are available for retrieval.

Example: INDEX

SEND file-name

Sends the specified file back via return E-mail. You may retrieve as many files as you like, by using a separate SEND command for each. Binary, text and HyperText files can all be retrieved.

WARNING: File names are case sensitive. Do not alter upper/lower case.

Binary files will be uuencoded. You will need the uudecode program at your site to reproduce these files. Text files will be returned as is.

HyperText files will include footnotes at the site of each link to another object. The addresses of the objects pointed to will appear in the footnotes at the bottom of the page. Those noted with a SEND command are local[1] to the JIS, and may be retrieved with SEND requests to the FILE-SERVICE. Remote[2] files not at the JIS cannot be retrieved at this time with this service.

	[1] SEND example/footnote.txt
	[2] ####
Example: SEND help/numbers/5-balls.html

jis Command for Unix

If you're on a Unix machine, this is a very handy shell program to allow you to retrieve files and fetch the index of available files even more easily. Just download it, and it's ready to use.

You may retrieve a copy through this service by sending the PROG command.

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