Change Log

This page details most -- but not all -- of the changes made to the help pages over the past few years. While it is not clear the this information will be useful to anyone, it is included here for completeness until someday when I do a nice "what's new" page.

New material or other significant changes of interest are marked with an asterisk (*). Trivial changes and changes relevant only to the maintenance or management of the pages are marked with a period (.).

v4.4.2	Jun 96 [barry]
	* circus-arts/bullwhip.Html: another update
	. changed links to JIS home pages, now using ~ notation

v4.4.1	May 96 [barry]
	* 17-22 May 96: completed migration to the JIS' new home!
	. all links and references should now be to
	. help section mail address is now
	. modified standard help section page footer
	. successfully built the help section at the JIS!

v4.4	May 96 [mpg]
	* 11-12 May 96: migration to the JIS' new home!
	* ./index.Html: added link to "Animated Juggling Lessons"
	. new addr for CD Wright, added SteveMD
	. balls/4-balls.Html: typo
	. circus-arts/diabolo/index.Html: added diabolo gif
	. circus-arts/devil-stick/index.Html: added Sean McBride's page
	. circus-arts/yoyo: added a whole bunch of external links
	    (thanks to whoever contributed these!)
	* circus-arts/bullwhip.Html: major updates from the whipsters
	. faqs/whos-who.Html: fixed note on Swaim's name
	* circus-arts/Anim: added dir for some bullwhip movies
	. boom URL tweaked
	. Janell got married & changed her name
	. DougH moved ISP's
	. circus-arts/knife.Html: link to knife-throwing page
	. circus-arts/ropes.Html: link to Carey B's Lasso book
	. passing/patterns/carstens.Html: small error correction (D. Burbidge)
	. circus-arts/courses/*.Html: a dozen updates scattered here & there

v4.3.1	Oct 95 [mpg]
	. started v4.3.1, 11 Oct 95
	* new addr for me!
	. new addr for Salberg
	. ./index.html: added "Juggling" title, couple other minor tweaks
	* ./index.html: added link to Seguin's Java-based How-To page
	. circus-arts/frisbee.html: added link to (another) freestyle homepage
	. admin/credits.html: added Teleport, couple other minor tweaks
	* misc/lightbulbs.html: The JIS Lightbulb Joke Page
	. 11 Oct 95, off to Barry

v4.3	Jul 95 [mpg]
	. started v4.3, 25 Jul 95
	. numbers/5-balls/index.html: fixed link to easy-ss.html
	. circus-arts/boom/index.html: we now point to (only!) Gaudin's page
	. coarse spell-checking on all files (whew)
	. addr changes: Barry Friedman, Clockwork & co, Knutson, Dube
	. faqs/whos-who.html: JuggleKrazy info
	. circus-arts/origami.html: added new page
	. circus-arts/devil-sticks/index.html: added link to Jim Barlow's page
	. circus-arts/balloons.Html: addr change
	. circus-arts/courses/newzealand.html: added
	. circus-arts/courses/uk.html: new phone number for Circomedia
	. circus-arts/courses/france.html: added a couple new courses
	. siteswap/bengt.html: fixed intro wrt to Bengt, removed other links
	* clubs/physics.html: added hammer rotation bit by Hertlein
	* torches/making.html: new file (Earp/King)
	. 27 Sep 95, off to Barry

v4.2.1	Jul 95 [mpg]
	. v4.2.1 started 18 Jul 95
	. re-orged directory layout on poptart
	. typos on top page
	* circus-arts/courses/us.html: add North East Tennessee Clown College
	* essays/injuries.html: oops, added RSI note to replace lost page
	. 22 Jul 95, off to Barry

v4.2	Jul 95 [mpg]
	. v4.2 started 8 Jul 95, after RSI-induced vacation
	. circus-arts/courses/us.html: FSU circus URL changed [Barry]
	. etc/contrib.list, multiplex/*: updated James Jay addr [Barry]
	* torches/danger.html: fire extinguisher advice [Turbogek]
	* clubs/buying/comparisons.html: comments on Radical Fishes [Seltzer]
	* torches/colour.html: removed a nasty chemical [Zetie]
	* siteswap/dancey.html: new ideas of Probert & Dancey [Dancey]
	* numbers/records/*: completely redone, greatly expanded [Schoenberg]
	. index.html: typo in link to search.html?
	. added "link rev-made" thingies to all files
	* misc/poetry.html: added several new poems
	. fire-eat.html: added link to rec.backcountry Fuels FAQ [Bendall]
	. celeb-barn.html: typo in address [Barry]
	* bullwhip.html: new version [Conway]
	* umbrella.html: added to the circus [Conway]
	* misc/knives.html [Bradbury]
	* clubs/tricks/easy.html: easy club tricks [Bradbury]
	. circus-arts/balloon.html: removed dead external link
	. circus-arts/frisbee.html: added another external link
	* essays/boppo.html: the "numbers notes" post [Barry]
	. moved numbers/n-clubs.html to passing/n-clubs.html
	. numbers/index.html: cleaned up a little
	* numbers/6-balls.html: added [Prasad]
	* numbers/5-balls/easy-ss.html: added [Prasad]
	* numbers/5-balls/easy-ss.html: added [Prasad]
	. faqs/whos-who.html: url'd names [Milner]
	. admin/todo.html: removed
	* misc/balloon-bags.html: added [Tuttle]
	* moved several pages from misc dir to new other-props dir
	* other-props/beanbags.html: combined the 3 beanbag-related pages
	* numbers/*: document cleanups [Thomas]
	. v4.2 finished 18 Jul 95

v4.1.1  Mar 95 [mpg]
	* released 27 Mar 95
	. typos and lints
	. top-level index can't use .. macro (mosaic doesn't like "./")

v4.1	Feb-Mar 95 [mpg]
	* released 26 Mar 95
	* added to JIS services to faq page
	* added bullwhip file from Conway and Salberg
	* added "hot-list" to references page
	* added a big Who's Who page in the references section
	* fire-eating & breathing dir, faqs from Bendall / Lmuney
	* improved stilts pages (with gifs)
	* d-sticking dir started
	* added Eric Promislow's boom stuff and the alt.boomerang faq
	* removed Eric P's stuff (alt.boom archive coming soon)
	* added The JIS Poetry Page
	* moved Mills Mess and Burke's Barrage to the tricks dir; added
	  some stuff by Ben S.
	* added link to Kite Flier's Site
	* updated passing files from Tarim
	* links to new JIS search tool
	* Ram Prasad improved the Uni pages
	* added James Jay's shiny, new multiplexing pages
	. changed footbag WWW address
	. MAQ filename changed
	. reorg'd Icon management
	. contrib info updated
	. bounce-faq html change, for barry
	. finally straightened out change-logs messes
	. now using "link/made" thingies in headers
	. icon directory references fixed

v4.0	Feb 95 [mpg]
	* merged in all the JIS "Related Works" pages
	* added Barry's post on Gatto's practice habits
	* updated coloured flame safety info
	* added "faqs" directory, containing links to FAQs and Glossary
	* link to Seth Golub's devil stick pages
	* added "how to make your own smoke machine"
	* some new Napier passing stuff
	* expanded diabolo section
	* added Sling's Shaker Cups file
	. cleanup of a few of pages here and there

v3.4	Dec 94 [mpg]
	* major updates to credits list
	. cleaned up intro material
	. spell-checks, etc
	. made naylor/practice dir, rola-bola dir
	. all names now are mailto's or links to home pages
	. added 'conventions' for menu pages
	. still more hierarchical improvements
	. macro'ed rest of menu pages (index.hmtl)

v3.3	Nov-Dec 94 [mpg]
	[significant structural changes, almost ready for 4.0]
	* each dir's main menu now named "index.html"
	* added napier files in clubs/napier
	* put clubs section into directory hierarchy
	* made a 5-balls dir, patterns dir
	* added Ram's bounce-faq
	* made mills-mess, showering dirs under balls
	* make diabolo, unicycling dirs under circus-arts
	* added Marty Blase's comments on showering
	* Napier's posts in passing section
	* bounce-faq from Ram Prasad
	. lots of updates to intro, changes, credits, etc
	. cleaned up & shortened todo list, changes list
	. very major infrastructure work

v3.2	Oct 94 [mpg]
	* added link to Zetie in passing section
	* new link to Unicycle WWW site in unicycling
	. some minor work to the contrib section
	. typos in diabolo-string, 5-balls-learning
	. updated intro, credits

v3.1	Jun-Aug 94 [mpg] 
	* cleanup of old material: Ken Zetie on torch fuels, more
        * ball-spinning, answers to Ed's SS test
        * added HTML-ized SS-faq
        * added 3 passing patterns from Ken Zetie
	* added link to unicycling WWW server
	* 4B-MM contribs collected by Rob
	* added Simon's notes to me on passing 7
	* added balls/one-hand.Html
	* made tricks section; moved blind-folded there
	* added tricks/behind-back.Html
	* another contrib to passing-7
	* added essays/injuries.Html (for lack of anywhere else)
	* more bouncing balls
	* added passing/left-right.Html
	* added Simon's notes to me on passing 7
	. updated intro, credits
	. cleanups in various places
        . html fixes

v3.0	Jun 94 [mpg]
	Merged into JIS. Began to organize all info into a logical
	, and HTML-ized all files (from v2.4).  Major cleanups,
	various additions, added 'thanks' pages, etc.  Lots still to
	do, especially on the HTML front.

v2.4	May 94 [mpg]
	Last plain-text version.  Moocow archives "frozen" late 1993;
	additions had piled up w/o being released.

v2.3	Apr 94 [bb]
	HTML front-end added to the v2.2 files by Barry Bakalor;
	helpfiles put up on
	Linked in nice 3-ball and diabolo files from Infinite

v2.2	Jul 93 [mpg]
v2.1	May 93 [mpg]
v2.0	Mar 93 [mpg]
	Maintenance taken over by Michael P. Gerlek.  Files broken
	into subdirectories and cleaned up on a random basis.  Lots of
	new stuff added.

v1.0	19?? [tj]
	Archive created and maintained by Terry Jones as part of the
	rec.juggling archives on (later moved

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