Form-Letter for Help Pages Credits


Something you posted to rec.juggling (or somehow otherwise got into my
hands) has been included in help pages of the Juggling Information
Service (JIS).  As the help pages editor, I'd like to thank for your
contributions -- there are currently over 150 different pages, from
over 100 contributors, and the help pages are one of the busiest
sections of the JIS.

I'm contacting you to verify your email address and such.  I try to
credit contributions in the help pages with names and email addresses
whenever possible, and wish to get your permission to do so as well as
verify your current address.  (If you've already received a version of
this letter, you're getting it again now because I never heard back
from you, or I've got two different addresses for you again, or
something else equally indicative of administrative headaches on my

I'd appreciate it if you could answer the following questions for me:

  - is it okay to use your name? (please include the proper spelling
    of your name, as you'd like it used -- this is especially for
    folks like Tarim, C Frog, and thomasl) 

  - is it okay to use your email address? (many folks have several
    accounts -- please include your canonical, preferred address)

  - if desired, you can give me a pointer to your WWW home page -- if
    you have no idea what that is, never mind (or contact me for info)

  - if you'd like me to NOT use your name, email address, and/or the
    text you've contributed, that's okay, too -- just say so

*** If I do not hear from you, I will keep your contributions and name
*** but remove your email address

If you're not sure what you contributed, feel free to ask :-)  Thanks
for your time & help -- sorry to bother you.


Michael P. Gerlek (
  JIS Help Pages Editor          

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