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Juggler's Tennis (120 Kb) - performed by Katje Sabin at Lodi, Oct 2000
Machine (Factory) (367 Kb) - performed by Dan Holtzman at Lodi, Oct 2000
Multiplex Under Leg to Side Juggle and Mill's Mess (578 Kb) - performed by Rick Rubenstein at Lodi, Oct 2000
Multiplex Bounce (264 Kb) - performed by Rick Rubenstein at Lodi, Oct 2000
Multiplex - Assorted Moves (403 Kb) - performed by Rick Rubenstein at Lodi, Oct 2000
Rubenstein's Revenge (256 Kb) - performed by Rick Rubenstein at Lodi, Oct 2000
Slam (260 Kb) - performed by Dan Holtzman at Lodi, Oct 2000
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Ab Wilson

  I came upon a 3 ball trick that I don't have a name for and have not
  seen done. It is sort of a 1/2 box. 1 ball in the right hand goes
  straight up and down, like the box, and the other 2 balls go in a
  counterclockwise shower pattern. It is not symmetric and can be done
  either direction.  Anybody got a name for this or a siteswap? It is
  not a very difficult trick.

I think the trick you're describing is called the "slam" over here. The term comes from the way you throw the ball from the left to the right (the slam).

There are some variations on this. Firstly it sounds to me like you're throwing the slam underneath the ball that comes out (i.e. like a shower pattern). Well you can also throw the slam over the ball the comes out. Some people tell me that they find this easier. To these people I say, "You're weird".

Secondly (since you can do the trick in both directions) you can alternate the slam from either hand to make the trick symmetric. You can of course mix this up with the first variation to great effect. There was a guy at the EJC doing this. The net result was a pattern with balls going in every possible direction which got my prize for the best three ball trick of the convention. (The same juggler also: did a shower with the one throw done as head rolls; flashed up three balls, did a half pirouette and continued juggling with the balls behind his back, flashed them up turned again and continued juggling in conventional manner; did the neatest penguin I've ever seen; did a box with the ball that goes across the middle being thrown OVER the balls on either side (i.e. a sort of clawed box)--- don't ask me how. Who was he?)

  The second is harder. From a 3 ball shower throw 1 high. While the
  high 1 is up swap the other 2 ball positions in a 2 ball shower
  manner. This can be done once or twice or repeated
  continually. Anybody have a name for this one and a notation that
  would show this pattern on JugglePro? 

This sounds sort of like a 531 siteswap, or a 73131, or indeed a 9313131.

Steven Ragatz

(sarcastic font on) Well I guess that I should have expected it. Monday A.M. and my mail box is filled with requests for those "Killer three ball tricks that are VERY easy..." I had intended the posting as a joke... I guess that it wasn't very funny, oh well. (Unfortunately UNIX does not allow me the luxury of my favorite sarcastic font.) At any rate, here are some good - easy three ball tricks that I use...

Three Ball Start Hold three balls in a triangle shape in one hand. With a swinging arm motion and a little wrist flip, toss all three over the same shoulder. Line the swing of the arm with the shoulder plane. With all three in the air, claw the first two as the balls go up. Catch the third and start juggling. It helps if you make the toss straight up and keep the elbow out (like a chicken.) At the point of release, you hand should be next to your shoulder.

Neck Catch If you have had dance lessons, this trick is the ol' flat back exercise. Toss the ball just over your head, say about three to six inches. Watch the ball with your eyes and not with your face. Just as the ball goes out of view, follow the ball down and catch it in the nape of your neck. It is important that you pull your shoulder blades back and keep your head up for the catch. This makes a little pocket and the base of the neck where the ball rests. It is also important to follow the ball down. If you have trouble with the ball bouncing off of your head or back, you probably need to think more "catch" than "neck."

Chin/Ear/Mouth Catch One ball is tossed into the base of your throat. By dropping you chin to your chest, you can trap the ball. The ear catch is the same but the ball is trapped between the ear and the shoulder. (Same ear - same shoulder. Don't hurt yourself...) Mouth catch - just suck. (No tongue. It makes a clean spot on the ball.)

Juggling Head Rolls One hand rolls a ball off of the head instead of a throw. The ball is set just off of center so that it rolls to the opposite hand. Nice move with continuous rolls on one side. Killer trick with both hands rolling all throws.

(boldface sarcastic font on) Fritz's Frenzy The description takes 2.6 MB compressed tar. I can E-mail it to those who really want it but I shouldn't post it here. boldface sarcastic font off)

Yo-Yo/Oy-Oy/Barbell This is the old favorite. Two in one hand while holding the third in the other. Move the extra third ball in sync with one of the balls being juggled. Depending on which ball you choose you can get the different illusions. This trick is really good if the isolations are clean. Think mime.

Rolling Hey! It don't get much easier than this! Roll them in a shower on the floor.

One Up - Two Up Two in one hand and throw the third ball up as well. You can make that third ball do figure 8 patterns around the two, circle in and out or do back-crosses/shoulder-throws. Do lots of tricks with the extra ball.

Kick-Up Start with one ball on your foot. Kick up into three. Whee. OR... you can catch the ball between your heals and kick up straight over your head and into a beautiful three ball cascade. Ahhh... (Try not to kick the ball into the back of your head. Ohhh... You'll figure this one out...)

Claw Catch and throw with you palms facing down. This can be added to just about any trick for some additional dramatic effect. Dum, Dum, Dum!

Well that's about it. If you want some more creative ones, I'll see what I can come up with. If you want some harder ones, I'll post more. Otherwise I shall refrain from anymore sarcastic postings. (I wouldn't want to interfere with all of the IMPORTANT discussions that go on with rec.juggling.)

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