Tricks With the Shower Pattern

Around the back

Instead of throwing straight across from left to right, each ball is carried around back and placed in the right hand. (Yes, this time it's OK to pass and not throw) Since this pass takes extra time, it's obvious you need to throw somewhat higher.

3 into 4 (into 5)

This also applies to working with another person. I'm not sure if this can be called a trick but it's interesting. While in a regular 3 ball shower, someone throws another ball anywhere from 10 ft. to more than 20 ft. (depending on that person's accuracy) so that it will land in the general area of your left hand (you will probably have to move to align the ball with your hand.) Before it lands in your hand, you flash the 3 balls you are showering, so there is a moment when both hands are free. Catch the extra ball, throw it along it's path and go into a 4 ball shower. The exact time to flash those first 3 will take some experimentation.

You can also go from 4 into 5 using this method, although the timing of the flash is a little tricky. You have to start earlier than you'd think.

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