Showering Between Two People

Stealing 3, 4 or 5

This is the same idea as stealing 3 or 5 from another person. It helps if you can find someone who showers in the opposite direction. One person juggles 3 in a shower as normal, the other person stands directly in front and grabs one of the objects before it hits the other person's hand. If you use different colored balls, you can say you'll go for a certain color the next time around. This lets both people know when you're going to steal. After you grab the first one, throw it to your other hand as normal. Then grab every ball that comes down and send it along it's path.

Passing 3, 4 or 5

You can do this three ways : One set of balls are passed to another person, two sets are passed between two people and the regular shower passing pattern.

In the first, one person juggles 3, 4 or 5 balls and passes them to another person standing in front of, but not close to, the first person. When a certain colored ball hits your right hand, throw it over to the catching hand of the other person. When each successive ball hits your hand, throw it over as before. The other person will catch each in turn and throw it along the path.

The second way is essentially the same as the first, but now both people are juggling in a shower pattern. At a specified time, both start throwing to the other person, but this time you're getting balls thrown back. I intentionally left the specified time ambiguous, as it depends what both people decide on.

The third way is simply a continuation of the second. The right hand is always throwing to the other person and the left is always catching a ball from the other person.

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