A Who's Who of People and Personalities

This is the who's who part of the original rec.juggling glossary -- credits to terry jones and Alan "Crunchy Frog" Morgan, Ken Zetie, and Tarim.

Who is Michael Moschen?
Michael Moschen is the contact juggling artist extraordinaire. He has appeared on Letterman and did a one hour PBS special recently. He does incredibly dextrous manipulation of crystal balls, and amazing things with white silicone balls. There are not enough superlatives to describe the level of brilliance that he has attained, you just have to see the videos - or better yet, see him live.
Who is James Ernest?
James Ernest is the author of the book, Contact Juggling. This book is a step by step guide to contact juggling and describes, in detail many contact juggling moves. In fact, as many claim, Mr. Ernest describes the routines that Michael Moschen developed and gives names to each of the moves. This book is quite controversial in that many claim that Ernest has stolen the work of Michael Moschen without giving proper credit.
Who is Anthony Gatto?
Arguably the best juggler in the world, certainly the best club numbers juggler anyway. Anthony does 7 Renegade clubs for a long time, can almost do 8 clubs, does lots of rings and balls too of course. He is most famous for doing obscene things like 6 clubs whilst bouncing a ball on his head. His father, Nick Gatto is his trainer. Anthony has been juggling all his life and currently performs in Vegas.
Who is Sergei Ignatov?
Also arguably the best juggler in the world. He flashed 11 rings at the IJA public show in St. Louis and brought the house down. Then he carried Anthony Gatto onto the stage in his arms and tossed him up in the air once. There is a long article by Ignatov in a recent Juggler's World.
Who is Doubble Troubble?
The twins who performed in the teams competition at the IJA convention in St. Louis in 1991. Most of the audience and some of the judges (but not enough) seemed to think they deserved a gold medal, but they only received a silver.
Who is Dave Finnigan?
A.k.a. Professor Confidence, Dave Finnigan wrote The Complete Juggler and, along with Klutz, really brought juggling to the public. A somewhat controversial name. He is closely affiliated with Jugglebug and The Juggling Institute.
Who is (Brian) Dubé?
A prop manufacturer in New York. Known for good quality props - clubs, rings, silicone balls, books etc. See the vendors area of the JIS.
Who is Todd Smith?
Another maker of fine props, based in Cleveland OH. See the vendors area of the JIS.
Who is Michael Ferguson?
The maker of Fergie bags. (See: What are Fergie Bags?)
Who is thomasl?
Man, woman, or committee? Only the CIA and 300 sweating groupies know for sure. Writes reviews of a number of conventions that are almost as good as being there. Better sometimes, 'cause you don't have to put up with the bad food and long registration lines.
Who is Allen Knutson?
Site-swap guru, numbers ball passing mega-guru, able to insert his fist in various bodily orifices (or as he puts it: "oral fisting") guru. Juggles nasty, ratty red beanbags and has prehensile toes. His name was misspelled on the St. Louis Festival tape. Heh.
Who is Boppo (Bruce Tiemann)?
Usually in the same hushed tones that one speaks of Anthony Gatto. Co-inventor of site-swap notation and able to demonstrate a truly frightening array of these patterns on demand. Can juggle 5 clubs (with back crosses) and 7 clubs when he's feeling frisky.
Who is Ed Carstens?
Writer of JugglePro, one of the more flexible juggling simulators around (wanna see 5 ball Rubenstein's Revenge?). Another site-swap guru (yes Virginia, we have a lot of them).
Who is Steve Hawtin?
Wrote to inform me that his program 'jug' (to be found on the JIS) is also a pretty gosh darn flexible juggling simulator which can also show 5 ball Rubenstein's Revenge. It runs under X (and on the Amiga) which Ed's doesn't. There is room for more than one juggling simulator in this world, get both.
Who is Alan "Crunchy Frog" Morgan?
The person who keeps rec.juggling from being a friendly, happy place where everyone loves each other. Understands site-swaps but can't do them. Nowhere near as talented or funny as he thinks he is. Better looking than Neil Stammer and taller than Dan Holzman.
Who is Martin E. Frost?
Club passing mega-guru. If you want to learn Bruno's Nightmare or to pass 10 clubs he is the guy to see. Knows all the passing patterns and has invented a few more. A mistake many beginners make is to ask "What tricks do you know?". Some of them are dangerous or even fatal to catch. You have been warned.
Who is Jeff Napier?
A club passing mega-guru. Has some 6 club passing tricks that make Martin's look tame and anemic by comparison. One of them is known as "homicide". Approach with extreme caution.
Who is Neil Stammer?
Again, not really a net-personality, but he has been mentioned on rec.juggling and deserves a mention here. Juggles 7 *huge* stage balls and manipulates a mean devil stick. Owns 'Juggling Capitol' and likes Dave Finnigan about as much as he likes total nuclear annihilation.
Who is Bruce Sarafian?
He is a dedicated numbers juggler, who currently holds the world record for ball numbers juggling - twenty one catches with ten balls, including a clean finish. He lives in Florida and is not on the net.
Who is Fritz Grobe?
The first (and, based on the fact that the Kapell system has been retired for next year, probably the last) Seniors gold medal winner. Does diabolos, ball bouncing, and wears K00l makeup. Math whiz.
Who is Eric Uhrhane?
Inventor of Eric's Extension, one of the few juggling tricks in which physical deformity is a prerequisite. It is like Mills Mess, only you cross your hands twice instead of once.
Who is Dan Bennett?
Name often spoken as a curse. In a previous life he was the numbers king (juggling 8 balls very well, flashing 10). Now he kicks bowling balls up to his forehead and cleavers up to the forehead of Mark Faje. Considered "The Speed King" by most jugglers although Neil Stammer is also a contender.
Who is Steven M. Salberg?
IJA video co-ordinator, chiropractor, Guinness liaison, and diabolo and bullwhip guru, this renaissance man posts with rabid determination on even the most minor appearance of object manipulation on the mainstream media. His was the first .sig file to take on a life of its own, an event which only the unkind would attribute to the inadequacies of his news reading software. Entertains the net with descriptions of the hijinx that ensued during his wedding night ("The whip, the whip", "No, not the whip") and still manages to have enough energy to be the Guinness liaison for juggling (beer numbers, alas, is not a category).
Who is Jeff Daymont?
Cigar box guru. Frequently seen juggling with his partner, a Cabbage Patch Doll named Sergei (yes, after *that* Sergei). *Always* smiling.
Who is Barry Friedman?
Posts occasionally to the net so he actually does qualify as a net.personality. Partnered with Dan Holzman as "The Raspyni Brothers." Holds the IJA club passing record with Frank Olivier (10 clubs, 54 catches).
Who is Benji Hill?
The juggler everyone loves to hate (or is that Albert Lucas?). A very talented juggler with too much of the "Las Vegas" in him for the tie-dye wearing, beer drinking, up til 4 in the morning, spaced-out hippie-type juggling crowd.
Who is Dan Holzman?
Does a golf routine as Danny Mulligan. Juggles balls, clubs, plates, Renegade fat rings, golf clubs and just about anything he can get his hands on. Born to MC. He, and partner Barry Freidman, are "The Raspyni Brothers".
Who is Jack Kalvan?
Half of Clockwork. Usually the right half.
Who is Susan Kirby?
Yet another 9-ball juggler. Fran Favorini reports she has gotten counted runs in the 50's and 60's and better ones that weren't counted. (She doesn't ever count, actually. Her husband Joe Murray does.)
Who is Pat McGuire?
Won Juniors in 1991. Does hat-chuckin' and ball bouncing. I timed him bouncing 7 balls for 20 minutes which appears to be a world record. Hell, I was impressed. Now performs with Cirque du Soleil.
Who is Dan Menendez?
Juggles 5 clubs and 7 balls and bounces balls off a piano keyboard. Wally Eastwood does a *very* similar trick. It is ill advised to ask Dan if he stole that idea from Eastwood. (Hint for the clueless: It is kinda the other way around)
Who is Owen Morse?
Over 6 feet tall, was in training for the US Decathlon, has your basic California good looks, holds the world record for the 100m with 3 and 5 balls and helped break the 4 minute joggling mile relay, can pass 10 clubs, and enjoys passing with Jeff Napier. I have to stop now because I am too depressed...
Who is Rick Rubenstein?
The half of Clockwork that isn't Jack Kalvan. Inventor of Rubenstein's Revenge which sorta looks like nothing on earth. 3 ball take-off-your-shoes-and-kneel-down guru.
Who are (Clockwork)?
Clockwork is half Jack Kalvan and half Rick Rubenstein.
Who is Joanne Swaim?
If Dan Bennett is the Speed King, she is probably the Speed Queen. Juggles 7 balls in a stunningly low pattern and can do an impressive array of tricks. It's amazing what you can do when you start them young. The name is often misspelled as "Swain."
Who is John Wee?
Partnered with Owen Morse as "The Passing Zone". The short one of the team.
Who is Brendan Brolly?
Passing wizard and international diabolo superstar, Brendan is also the author of a large number of books which he tries never to mention on the net. Mostly he fails but we forgive him anyway. Brendan is not to be confused with the other international diabolo superstar, Guy Heathcote, or the other international diabolo superstar Donald Grant (also author of a huge number of books).
Who is Ken Zetie?
Also known as The Edible Dormouse, for reasons no-one has ever satisfactorily explained. Part of Firenoise --- a wacko group of reprobates, famous for their extraordinary UV shows and arson attacks on churches. Writer of arguably the funniest articles in everything from rec.juggling to The Catch. He has recently deserted the UK for the USA, in order to learn even more lethal passing patterns.
Who is Tarim?
Tarim has a fixation with the number 3. He can't juggle more than 3 solo, he talks about himself in the third person (thus making it impossible to work out who wrote this) and he adores throwing clubs at people, using both hands (3-count). Understands site-swaps but only after a large number of drinks (probably more than 3). Do we care so long as he keeps writing arguably the funniest articles in rec.juggling? The other member of the Tarim-Dormouse mutual appreciation society.
Who is Colin (Dr C D Wright)?
Britain's answer to Allen Knutson, although his name is not misspelled so often and he doesn't have prehensile toes (do you?). Site-swap proponent, mathematical whiz and lecturer on the advantages of juggling numerically, TV star, and author of JuggleKrazy -- another one of the more flexible juggle simulators around. What more could a man want out of life than an invitation to Spain to juggle and lecture?
Who is Rob Stone?
One of the York crowd, site-swapper and juggler who glows in the dark. Prefers to get a room rather than camp at festivals but is expected to grow his hair and take his shoes and socks off in a few years time.
Who is Rob Street?
Further evidence that everyone who lives in York, is called Rob. Site-swap guru and club passer. His single spin passes are the same height as most people's doubles. His triple spin passes don't come down until the festival is over and everyone has gone home.
Who is Andy Lewis?
One of rec.juggling's louder personalities, a man with views on everything from juggling to drugs with very little in between. Actually in the UK there is very little in between...
Who is Paul Allen?
Emerges from Southampton whenever it's festival time. He can often be found attempting some of the more esoteric passing patterns, at which he'd probably do far better if the other bugger didn't keep dropping.
Who is Dan Mitchell?
Bendy man extroadinaire. Possibly the only man to be able to do Eric's Extension with clubs since Eric passed 21 and puberty finally hit. This lycra clad bifurry juggler may often be found in his natural habitat of trying to squeeze through a tennis racket whilst juggling five home made exerballs in the lotus position.
Who is Dave Budd?
Densa's mole in mensa? Or is it vice versa. Unofficial photographer of rec.juggling meetings and for The Catch but too shy to wear ridiculous loud clothing like the rest of the UK's jugglers.
Who is Paul Selwood?
Bristol juggler who provides the counter-example to the theory that all juggler/mathematicians are site-swap gurus. In fact he'd far rather be on stilts or shooting stars. One day we hope to see him try both at the same time.
Who is Ab Wilson?
Ab, short for abrasive, a master of net-sarcasm. Only ever seen juggling orange sillies, which almost match his hair --- in colour, if not length.
Who is Brian Milner?
Self-confessed juggling geek. A numbers fan, he is currently working on most postings to rec.juggling and owning the most different types of juggling props. Can nearly juggle 5 balls too.
What Is Juggler's World?
Juggler's World (JW) is the magazine of the International Juggler's Association. It appears quarterly. Here you will find tons of details about meetings and festivals as well as advertisements, articles on tricks, a column called the Academic Juggler that talks about the juggling network and other academic matters. The column is edited and sometimes written by Arthur Lewbel. The magazine is sent to you if you join the IJA but is also available for $3 a copy I believe. Several past issues of JW have been made available electronically by the editor, Bill Giduz. They can be found in the JIS. To receive JW, see the information about the IJA in the section on people & organizations.
What Is Kaskade?
Kaskade is a European Juggling Magazine Kaskade captures the exciting mood of European juggling, with comprehensive coverage of conventions, meetings and workshops, as well as taking a candid look at controversial issues behind this harmonious circus art. Plus: interviews, reviews, practical tips... For a year's subscription (4 issues), send $25 (U.S.) (for air mail delivery outside Europe) or 8.50 Pounds Sterling or DM 25 to: Gabi & Paul Keast, Annastr. 7, W-6200 Wiesbaden, Germany email address: Paul Keast, CompuServe id: 100064.2551@compuserve.com
What Is The Catch?
A Juggling magazine published in England. To subscribe, send a 6 pound (sterling) cheque with your name and address to:
The Catch
Moorledge Farm Cottage
Knowle hill
Chew Magna
BS18 8TL
What is The Two Ply Press?
The Two Ply Press (TPP or TTP as they variously refer to themselves) is a fun monthly juggling magazine that is unafraid to stir up trouble rumor and scandal. The current editors are Brad French, with help from Ben Decker. They're both on the network, so watch what you're saying, they're liable to print anything:
Ben Decker Boxes / Two Ply Press
c/o Ben Decker
What is OzJuggle?
An Australian juggling magazine that no longer exists. Aveline Perez, linap@lure.latrobe.edu.au informs us that OzJuggle is located at OZJUGGLE, P.O. Box 361, Northcote, Victoria, 3070, Austrailia. We thank her for her efforts in tracking them down.
What is The IJA?
IJA stands for International Juggler's Association. It is an organization of roughly 3,282 jugglers spread over 31 countries. They publish Juggler's World, an IJA membership roster, have a group of affiliate clubs (juggling clubs with 10 or more IJA members), hold an annual convention and more. Subscription is $30 for your first year and $25 thereafter, and includes subscription to Juggler's World. Life membership is $300 (this has been discontinued). For information on the current IJA members, see the file ija/officers. To join, send $30 to Richard Dingman, IJA Secretary, P.O. Box 218, Montague, Massachusetts 01351. (413) 367-9398. U.S.A.
Where can I information about the Juggling Scene in Downunder?
Aveline Perez has written a compiliation of information that lists publications, suppliers and vendors, juggling meeting, and conventions and associations in Australia and New Zealand. This information is available through the JIS.
Who or what is Jugglebug?
Started by Dave Finnigan, Jugglebug is a company that makes a wide range of juggling props. They tend to cater to those who can't afford more expensive equipment and those who are starting out; someone, who may wish to remain nameless, (I didn't ask him), has said: "I think Jugglebug has done more for mediocre juggling than anything else that has ever happened, and vice versa."
What is the U.S. Nationals?
The past and possibly present name for the Individuals competition at the annual IJA convention. Past winners include such big name jugglers as: Anthony Gatto, Albert Lucas, Peter Davidson, and Mark Nizer.

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