Multiplexing Clubs

Multiplex Club Passing

The basic multiplex pass: Martin Frost covers variations of the multiplex pass in Juggler's World, Vol. 44, #4. [This will be on-line at some point in the future.]

Multiplexes for Solo Club Juggling

Basic 3-club start: Two singles and a triple thrown simultaneously form the most common three-club start. Arrange the first two clubs as you would normally hold them to start a regular pattern, with the second club's knob end slightly on top of the first club. The knobs should be even with each other. Hold these two clubs as far up on the handle as possible. Add the third club's knob underneath the first two but further away from your body, so that the knob aligns roughly with the top of the other 2 handles. Now, throw!

Single-Double-Triple 3-club start: This trick is the same as the previous trick, except for the arrangement of the 2nd club. Its knob should align with the middle of the first club's handle (halfway between the first and third clubs).

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