Eleven Balls

records as of 15 May 1995

Bruce Sarafian   11 catches (several occasions, including on videotape).  See
                 the latest _Guinness Book of World Records_.  He is also
                 trying 6 in one hand, and is making some good attempts at 12. 

More Info Wanted

Frank LeDent     is said to have juggled 11 in an article by ???Weeks in Max
                 Holden's '47 book "The Ma?? of Juggling".  (I have a poor
                 photocopy of an article from _JW_ 34.2, Feb.? '82.)
Michael Rudenko  (Ukraine) placed an ad in _Kaskade_ No. 29 (3/93) p.48 looking
                 for work as a circus instructor.  "I work with up to 12 balls"
                 probably means rolling or spinning, but who knows?

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