Ten Club Passing (Duos)

records as of 15 May 1995

Viktor Filipovich and Anatoly Myakhostupov
                 performed 10 clubs from about '81 to '92 with Russian
                 circuses.  They stood about 25 feet apart at the finale, going 
                 from separate 5 club patterns directly into passing 10.  Then
                 one would collect all 10, and usually drop so we could see
                 them pass 10 again (many references).  Handmade clubs.
The Afanassievs  troupe from the former Soviet Union performed 10 club passing
                 by two members.  (_Juggler's World_ 38.4, Win. '86-'87, p.9,
                 or _Kaskade_ 28, 12/92, p.13.  They are pictured doing so on
                 a rotating arm in "Juggling: the Art and Its Artists" (p.248).
J. Akifjew, M. Tschernow, G. Gratschew (The Gratschewi Trio)
                 were the first to pass 10 clubs between two people.  They
                 graduated from the National School for Circus and Estrade
                 [stage] Arts in 1951 ("4000 Years", Vol. II, p.161, and
                 "Juggling: the Art and Its Artists", p. 352, which calls their
                 alma mater the Moscow Circus School.)
Sorin Munteaunu and his father
                 are pictured in _Juggler's World_ 34.2, Feb.? '82 performing
                 10 club passing.  Thin looking clubs.  The same photo appears
                 on p. 243 of "Juggling with Finesse", by Kit Summers.
Alex Karvounis and Nick Karvounis (Doubble Troubble)
                 performed 22 catches plus a collect in the '91 IJA Teams
                 competition.  Also 44 catches in the '88 IJA Numbers
                 competition.  American clubs.
Barry Friedman and Frank Olivier
                 52 catches in the '88 IJA Numbers competition.

Owen Morse and Jon Wee (The Passing Zone)
                 48 catches in the '90 IJA Numbers competition.  American 
Martin Frost and Owen Morse
                 19 passes (about 76 catches) in the wee hours of the '92 IJA
Martin Frost and Jim Hugunin
                 11 or 12 passes (about 44 to 48 catches).

Barry Friedman and Dan Holzman (The Raspyni Brothers)
                 pass 10 in practice.  (_Juggler's World_ 40.3, Fall '88, p.8.)
                 American clubs. 
Jack Kalvan and Rick Rubenstein (Clockwork)
                 pass 10 in practice.  Todd Smith American clubs.

Russ Peters and George Strain
                 have qualified 10 (Renegade clubs).  Also, more than a flash
                 with double spins!
Dan Berg and George Strain 
                 have qualified 10 (European style clubs).

Hovey and Judy Burgess
                 pass 10 American clubs in a photo in "4000 Years of Juggling",
                 Vol. II, p. 146.
David Cousins and Steve McMenamin
                 have worked well on 10.  American clubs.

Craig Barnes and Robert Lind
                 were working on 10.  (_Juggler's World_ 37.2, Sum. '85, p.17.)

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