Twelve Rings

records as of 15 May 1995

Anthony Gatto    flashed 12 on June 22nd, 1993 at the Wintergarten in Berlin. 
                 Photos in _Kaskade_ 31, 9/93, p.28, and _JW_ 45.3, Fa.'93,p.8.
Albert Lucas     flashed 12 (in _Guinness_).  See photo in _Juggler's World_
                 36.3, Fall '84, p.19, and then send me a copy!
Jian Wen Qian    flashed 12 in practice.

Historical reference

_Circus Techniques_ by Hovey Burgess (reprinted '89)
                 mentions on page 46 an account of a woman juggling 12 rings in
                 ancient Greece (_The Banquet_ by Xenophon, translated by O.J.
                 Todd, Cambridge : Harvard University Press, 1922).  From "4000
                 Years of Juggling", by Karl-Heinz Ziethen (Vol. I, p. 8), the
                 banquet is "at the house of the rich Athenian Kallias 
                 (422 B.C.)," and is visited by a Syracrusanian troupe which
                 included a girl juggling with 12 hoops while dancing.

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