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George Strain writes:

A note in response to David Pollock's (I think it was him) question about nine and ten clubs. Yes, nine clubs can be done with doubles. It is a little slower than eight singles, so work on that some too. The start is very fast but the throws are easier to control than triples. Try to loft your clubs. Nine singles is even possible (not by me!) and I have seen 10 done with doubles. I do 10 with triples which is a little slower than 9 doubles, so there is a little more margin for error, but you're using triples which are a lot harder to make perfect. I've seen 11 done with triples before, while there is a Soviet team which does 10 with what look like at least quads from about 30+ feet away! A helpful way to learn 9 and 10 is to do it with a Passing God at a big convention the first time to get the feel of the trick. The only reason I can do 10 at all is I sometimes pass with Dan Berg, an unbelievably good passer who won the teams competition back in 1980 or so. I believe Martin Frost who is subscribed to this list can do 10 a little.

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