Date: Wed, 7 Sep 94 11:41:14 EDT
Subject: *Passing* "Alberts"

As I understand it, Alberts has come to mean any kind of a club throw
which goes between the legs without lifting any feet off the floor.  Some

*  Catch a club which will be thrown between the legs loosely, and let the
handle slip through your grasp as you are starting the throw until at the
last moment you are holding it only by the knob.  Generally the release is
from just the thumb and the side of the index finger.  

* Really stretch your body, to give your hand/wrist as much freedom as

* When first learning "Albert Passes,"  allow the throws to go high and
early to your partner, with an extra spin.  You can dial them in later.

- Jeff Napier - 


From: (Scott HOC) 

Date: 7 Sep 1994 14:58:04 -0400 

Subject: Re: *Passing* "Alberts" 

BUT!!!  when you throw albert passes which leg do you go under.  Treblas
are self-explanatory, but do you throw a right handed albert pass under
your right leg?  this would seem to make the most passing sense, but that
throw seems incredibly awkward.  mebbe I'm just confused and need to
juggle more




Date: 7 Sep 1994 19:02:02 -0400 

Subject: Re: *Passing* "Alberts" 

In article <4l2fs$>, (Scott
HOC) writes:
>BUT!!!  when you throw albert passes which leg do you go under. 

I don't think it much matters.  The Albert passes are really more like
symmetrical.  You might think of one originating from in front of the body
as coming directly up, over the center of the back, and one thrown from
behind, comes directly between the legs.  On this latter, there is a
tendency to throw it hard and fast - warn your catcher! 

- Jeff Napier -  

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