Date: Sun, 25 Sep 94 03:28:27 EDT
Subject: *Passing* - "Flowers"

This is a technique for intermediate and advanced passers, generally done
in 4-count (every others).
1. One beat before the normal pass timing, throw a left-to-left double to
your partner.

2. Immediately after that pass,  throw two self-throws simultaneously. 

These are special self-throws - they are thrown as low double-spins.  They
go straight up, and are caught in the same hands from which they were
thrown.  This is essentially like the beginning three ball trick "1 up, 2
up."  To make this look really interesting, throw the clubs transversely. 

The fat ends should face outward as the clubs are thrown.

The two transverse throws can cross, one in front of the other, to be
caught in opposite hands.  They can also be thrown behind the back -
simultaneous backcrosses.  To make simultaneous double backcrosses work,
you must consciously decide which one will go in front of the other.  One
will be close to your back, the other will be further behind as they are
thrown.  Be prepared to duck.
 - Jeff Napier - 


Date: Tue, 27 Sep 94 12:28:36 EDT
From: (J B Brolly)
Subject: Re: *Passing* - "Flowers"

I've not quite gone yet.

In article <361b5m$> (ANOTHER CO)  
[description of passing trick deleted]

At the end of this trick there are a few other things you can do. The
pass from the other person comes into your left hand as the pair of
clubs are in the air. You can pass this back out as a left to left double
and keep the pattern going or a more advanced one is to throw it as a 

double to your right hand. When the next pass comes in you will be doing
4 club fountain in sync. Getting out of this one can be a bit of a problem


Brendan Brolly
Physicist and Juggler,
IRC in Polymer Science, Leeds.

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