Head Spins

Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 02:41:35 EDT
From: anotherco@aol.com (ANOTHER CO)
Subject: *passing* - Head spins

Head spins are generally done in every others (4-count) and require
intermediate skill.
1. After any pass, catch the next club coming into your right hand, the
one which would be a self-throw, not a pass, in about the middle of it's
length, more choked up than usual.
2.  Place this club (gently) on top of your head with the the knob facing
about 20-45 degrees to the right of forward.  Your hand should grasp the
club directly over the top, and it should be on the very top of your head.
 There is a tendency to do this with the club too far forward.
3. Spin the club counterclockwise, gently.  Your hand should be directly
over the axis of the spin, do not try to do it by pushing the handle
around, but by rotating your hand and the club together around the axis.
4.  Let go with the right hand, and then reach up with the left, to take
the club off your head.  Resume passing.
5.  Keep the other clubs in your pattern low.  You will naturally want to
juggle them higher, since your attention is higher up than usual.  If you
juggle these high, they may crash into the club on your head.

In faster patterns, such as 2-count (express), you can place any club on
your head with your left hand, spin it clockwise, then remove it with your
right and pass it.  Try doing a head spin with every pass.  Try
alternating head spins and head balances (horizontally or vertically).

In 4-count (others), you can even alternate left and right-handed head
spins.  It is possible, but requires great skill, to get two rotations of
the club.

This seems much easier to learn in solo 3-club practice, then introduce it
into your passing once you can do it solo.

- Jeff Napier - 

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