Knee Balance

This is an every-others technique, requiring beginner-intermediate skill:

1. After any pass, set the club in your left hand vertically on your right knee, which is momentarily held up so that your upper leg is parallel with the ground.

2. Hold the club in your right hand horizontal, and behind the vertical club on your knee. When it is time to pass, gently bash (or actually push) the "balanced" club to your partner. The club is never actually balanced, although it will look that way to the untrained eye, because you hold it 'till the very moment before you bash it.

Andrew Conway adds:

Jeff Napier is a Grand Master of club bashing, bouncing and smashing. He always uses Renegades, as they are softer and bounce better than most clubs. Since there is a slight element of randomness in many of his throws, people who pass with him for any length of time develop very long arms indeed.

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