Overhead Self-chops

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 94 13:17:56 EDT
From: anotherco@aol.com (ANOTHER CO)
Subject: *Passing* - Self-chops (overhead)

Here's a technique for passers with intermediate skill, usually done in
4-count (every others):

After any pass, bring the right-hand club up to the "chop" position, but
throw it to your left hand, over the top of your pattern with an inverted
single- or double-spin.  If you use a double, it should be short and fast.
 Doubles look far better.  This is thrown just like a chop pass to your
partner, which is held like a hammer, with your thumb pressing on the club
handle to guide it.  Do not choke up on the club, because the knob would
bump into the back of your hand.
     To add flash to this trick, throw every other right hand club
overhead to your left hand, alternating with your passes.  Furthermore,
you can get down on one knee, which looks interesting.      After a series
of these on one knee, make your last pass a shoulder throw at the same
time as you rise up to standing position again.  

     You'll notice that it is difficult to pay attention to your passes,
when you have clubs coming down from above your own pattern.  Focus on
your passes, this is where the trouble will be when learning this

     You can, of course, do this in patterns other than 4-count, and you
can use both right and left hands.
     In 4-count a fun, but difficult variation is to make everything which
is not a pass, a single-spin self-chop (both hands).  Good luck!
- Jeff Napier - 

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