Juggler's World: Vol. 38, No. 3


The rate for classifieds is 30 cents per word, with a $6 minimum. Send your ad and payment to: Bruce Fife, advertising manager, Box 1564, Bellaire, TX 77401.

"PATTERNS." The only book dedicated entirely to passing. 451 pages, 298 illustrations. Just 30 copies left. Send $30 plus $2 postage ($5 in Europe) to: Richard Dingman, 64 Wendell, Cambridge, MA 02138.

"JUGGLING IS FOR ME." A great book for kids by Rande Aronson and Nancy Temple. Send $8.95 (includes postage and handling) to: Rande Aronson, Box 10896, Minneapolis, MN 55440.

WANTED: Ideas from those that attended the juggling games workshop in San Jose and those that would care to contribute. I am compiling a juggling games file. Jahnathon, 923 1/2 S. Ross, Santa Ana, Calif., 92701. 714/541-5845.

AVAILABLE: Ribbon Balls $3.00, Toss-Ups $4.75, Quix Sticks $8.00, Feathered Kikens $3.00 plus shipping. Quantity discounts. Questions? Contact Jahnathon, address above.

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