Juggler's World: Vol. 39, No. 1


Marcell Valla

by Hermann Sagemuller

Marcell Valla of the Trio Valla is performing a rare trick this year with the Circus Medrano/Zinnecker in West Germany. On top of his right forefinger he spins three balls stacked on top of each other, while spinning another ball on his other hand. Besides this trick, he does some fine club passing with his two female partners.

Mike Schnelle Trio

by Hermann Sagemuller

The Schnelles, Mike, Mike Jr., and Sigrid, appeared last fall at the Hansa Theatre in Hamburg. Using only clubs, the trio performs a perfect act. Pretty costumes and polished presentation make them a top-notch act. One difficult trick they perform is the leap-frog steal of four clubs pictured here.

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