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Citing his international work on behalf of circus arts, the Canadian National Circus School has named Karl-Heinz Ziethen, German juggling archivist and author of "Juggling, the Art and Its Artists," an honorary member of the board of that organization. The award was made when Ziethen participated in a juggling workshop held by the school's affiliated Cirque de Soleil last fall. Other guest artists at the workshop were Lottie Brunn and Holly Greeley, IJA vice president.

On the European circus scene, heavyweight juggler Klaus Berlin was with Circus Berolina. The six Faltinis toured with the Circus Praga in Czechoslovakia. Carmen Lupascu juggled on the slack wire for Circus Brazil Jack. Lacy Endresz and his sister Kate were with Circus Merano. Three juggling groups appeared with the American Circus -- The Forgiones, The Milenas and The Medifreds. Doriana Knie juggled on horseback with the Moira Orfei Circus. Ambra and Ronnie Niuman were with the Nando Orfei Circus. The Caroli Family juggled with the Circorama 2000. The Papi Family was with the Cesare Togni Circus. The Ernestos were with the Wulber Circo di Berlino. The Dynamotion Jugglers, Barrett Felker and Jim Strinka, worked in February for the Circus Krone in Germany. Serge Percelly will also be working for Circus Krone this season. Rudi Schweizer will be with Circus Barum, and Manuel Alvarez Jr. will appear with Circus Roncalli.

Duncan Toys is interested in hearing from those who might want to serve as yo-yo demonstrators. Contact Tom O'Brien, c/o Duncan Toys, 801 Lynn Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913.

The 100,000 circus fans attending 21 days of "Les Olympiades du Cirque" (the Circus Olympics) in Liege, Belgium, in November and December voted Anthony Gatto the gold medal winner. One of 16 acts from 12 countries, he also won the Press Award. It was the second year for the privately produced spectacle. Gatto regularly appeared on European television and in newspapers, and excited spectators with performances of six clubs and eight rings in every show. Back here in America, Gatto was featured on NBC's "Main Street" show Jan. 27. He is appearing at the Bally's Grand Hotel in Las Vegas through July.

Gene Jones, Guinness World Judge for Juggling, said the organization plans to include a new listing for seven club duration, eclipsing their old listing of people who could simply do seven clubs. Jones adds that Guinness also wants to establish a duration record for 16-lb. bowling ball juggling. Contact him at Box 383, NY, NY 10040.

Mike Vondruska of the Illinois Juggling Institute was contracted by Norwegian Cruise Lines to teach its recreation directors to teach children to juggle. Vondruska was paid in part with a Caribbean cruise of his own in January. While on the ship, he met Dick Franco, who was the contracted juggler on that journey. Though the low ceiling presented some problems, Vondruska said Franco managed seven rings between the hanging chandeliers. The management asked Vondruska to do some juggling also during the final part of the cruise. He ended up doing four ten-minute shows of his own.

Kit Summers has developed an inspirational school program based on his life story. He tells children about his juggling success, the accident that cut it short, and the determination it takes to recover from such a tragedy. He also hopes to write a book based on the experience.

Andrew Allen has signed a contract to work for the Pickle Family Circus this year. The Pickles will be touring in California and Australia. It is also reported that John Gilkey will be working with the Pickles this spring.

Nine-year-old Mark Bakalor took his family to Japan in late February for a week as he appeared on Nippon Television Company's "The World of Amazing Kids." The weekly prime-time nationwide show features young performers from all over the world and is taped in front of a live studio audience. Mark is appearing regularly in San Francisco on Pier 39 and Ghirardelli Square.

A club purporting to be "bringing vaudeville back to New Rochelle" has opened in Westchester County, N.Y. Backstage Limited is interested in featuring all sorts of variety acts. For more information, contact Armondo Del Rivera, talent coordinator, at the club, 348 Huguenot St., New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801. Call 914-636-2111.

Francois Chotard, the French ball spinner, continues to push the limits of his specialty. Chotard writes from his home in Murs Erigne that he can now spin three balls at once on his left hand without any of the apparatus that allowed him to spin ten at once at the San Jose convention last summer.

Watch for the Raspyni Brothers' third appearance on the Johnny Carson show in late April. Propmaker Todd Smith took a month to construct a special prop that the Raspynis will use on the show. Smith promises the innovative trick will "knock 'em out." Smith said the project coincided with his purchase of new machinery for construction of specialty props. On their way to the Carson show, meantime, the Raspynis opened for singers Patti LaBelle in Philadelphia, Tony Bennett in Atlantic City and a week on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Virginia jugglers should note that Tim Nolan is appearing regularly at the Waterside Mall in Norfolk, Va. He also reports receiving an endorsement contract from Converse sporting goods company for appearances at sporting events, camps and clinics.

David Deeble and Rick Coleman are performing regularly as a team in Southern California. Besides numerous jobs with variety arts shows in theatres, they do four shows daily on Saturday and Sunday in the Queen's Salon of the ocean liner Queen Mary, which is now a tourist attraction berthed in Long Beach, Calif.

Marcus Ramon is appearing with the Royale American Three Ring Circus on its 1987 Australia and Asian tour which runs through December.

Mark Nizer has left the Chateau Champlain in Montreal after a record-setting run of a year. On April 11 he opened for George Burns in Hershey, Penn., and on May 26 he begins a six-month run at a the new Baltimore Travel Plaza Hotel in Baltimore, Md.

Paul Harvey on one of his recent radio shows reported that a Swede broke a world record by juggling snowballs for 17 minutes. Harvey said the juggler's hands were numb after two minutes and he didn't feel anything thereafter.

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