Juggler's World: Vol. 39, No. 3

New Products

The Practical Top Hat

Designed entirely for jugglers. Collapsible, washable, juggleable and very durable! Don't risk your felt hat on the street, the practical hat holds up drop after drop! Heavy duty canvas in both Top Hat and Stovepipe styles. Rocky Mountain Juggling Supplies, Box 61423, Denver, CO 80206.

Custom SpaceCase TM

Make-it-yourself SpaceCase prop boxes for jugglers! Inexpensive kit comes with step by step bonding instructions. Sizes from 90 cubic inches to 10 cubic feet! Tough 1/8" ABS plastic, nothing to rust or corrode. No tools or cutting required. Add foam liners for extra protection!

For complete information, write Matrix, 7015 Carroll Rd., San Diego, CA 92121. Call 619/450-9509.

Music to juggle by

The Juggling Arts presents a cassette tape of tunes to accompany you. Circus calliope, parade and banjo music. Back to the days of Vaudeville! Inquire of the Juggling Arts, 612 Calpella Drive, San Jose, CA 95136, or send for free catalog.

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