Juggler's World: Vol. 39, No. 3

Book Review

Juggling for All

By Colin Francome & Charlie Holland, illustrations by Ali Bongo. Published by David & Charles, London, 1987. ISBN 0-7153-8897-5.

This book presents a refreshing look at juggling's basic elements from an English perspective. Both authors are experienced performers, and pass on a wealth of ideas in their book. Though they don't cover any prop in great detail, they reveal a wide variety of manipulative arts and their entertainment value.

The soft cover, 96 page book is liberally sprinkled with Ali Bongo's light-hearted cartoons. Well-written, short text sections keep the reader moving.

American readers will enjoy the English slant on three-ball "animal tricks" and a neat section on party tricks that includes "three tricks you can do with a glass of beer." Several routines are explained in full, giving beginners a ready-made script to take to the streets. Other unique ideas, such a a flaming baguette instead of a torch, will appeal to even the most veteran performers.

Final sections that recommend further readings and an index round out this lively new offering in the field.

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