Juggler's World: Vol. 42, No. 1


Hello... Good-bye...

The different and lovely typography of this issue is ample clue to the fact that the art direction of Juggler's World has changed hands. IJA board member Laura Green, who designed more than 20 issues of Juggler's World from Fall 1984 through Winter 1989 has given up the position to devote her time to service as IJA championships director and to her own performing career. Hearty thanks are not enough to repay Laura for her patient effort and cheerful spirit.

Her able successor is Sharon Jacobs, an art director for the Van Nostrand Reinhold publishing company in New York who also has strong ties to the juggling world. Her husband, Allan Jacobs, is the 1983 U.S. Nationals champion and the taller half of "The Gizmo Guys." We welcome Sharon to the staff with loud applause for this issue, her initial offering to IJA members.

Bill Giduz, editor


We apologize to New York photographers Linda Alaniz and Jim Moore. Alaniz should be credited with last issue's cover photo of Michael Moschen. Alaniz works in the studios of Martha Swope, who mistakenly received the credit. Moore's first name was misspelled in a photo credit on page 13 of the Moschen story.

Researching The Juggling Life

One subject I would like to see researched, if it hasn't been already, is the relationship between juggling and longevity and/or upper body fitness. A few years ago a widely publicized survey published the average life spans of people in various occupational groups. Somewhat surprisingly, the longest lived occupation in the survey was orchestra conductor.

Many variables may be at the root of this correlation, but one that is strongly suggested is that the upper body exercise that conductors get enhances their cardiovascular fitness and adds extra years to their lifespans.

This suggests that jugglers, too, may live extra long lives by virtue of their constant upper body activity. We could conduct a survey of the lifespans of jugglers, or a more direct approach would be to determine whether juggling does indeed improve one's cardiovascular fitness. A controlled study could be run on physical education students. Half would be taught to juggle and half would be taught some other skill lacking the upper body component.

It stands to reason that the heavier the objects juggled the greater the workout will be. As the inventor of Exerballs, I firmly believe this to be true.If any qualified researcher wants to put this question to a test, I would be willing to supply a few sets of the weighted Exerballs with which to conduct the study. I would need a detailed proposal for the research and would want to be able to quote from the results of the study in my own writing and promotions for my product. If you are interested, please write me, Scot Morris, at 405 8th St.; Del Mar, CA 92014. Or call me at 619/755-5994.

Sample Affiliate Newsletters Offered

This past year as Affiliates Director has been an enlightening experience for me. Being responsible for some 45 clubs throughout North America is exciting and challenging. Many members may not know that the IJA publishes and mails a semimonthly "Clubs & Affiliates Newsletter" to its contacts in clubs and affiliates.

Multiple copies are sent to affiliate contacts with the intention that they be distributed to IJA members in the affiliate. Some members, however, may not be getting their copy. For that reason, we asked all affiliate contact people to send us a list of all IJA members in their affiliate, along with addresses, so we could send a copy of the April issue of C&A Newsletter directly to each one of you.

If you fall into that category and haven't received your copy yet, we'll be glad to send you one now if you'll contact me. Send your name, address and name of your affiliate to: Perry Rubenfeld; 474 Enniskillen Ave.; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Canada R2V0J4; or call 204/586-5785.

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