Juggler's World: Vol. 42, No. 1


New Life Members

The IJA would like to thank the following people who have signed on as IJA Life Members since publication of the Fall issue of this magazine:

146. Scott Cain - Middletown, OH
147. Dave Jones - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
148. Jim Steffens - Newport Beach, CA
149. Tim Challis (Zoobie The Clown) - Singapore
150. Martin Beam - Charlotte, NC
151. Laurie Epstein - Edison, NJ
152. Mike Caveney - Pasadena, CA
153. Jim Bayliff - Austin, TX
154. G. Michael John - Waldorf, MD
155. Hal Kane - Ann Arbor, MI
156. Jack Mould - Honeoye Falls, NY
157. Joseph Niedzialkowski - Milwaukee, WI
158. Michael Kramer - Houston, TX
159. Roy Pomerantz - New York, NY

Life Members pay $300 for a lifetime IJA membership that includes a first class subscription to Juggler's World. They also receive reserved seating at convention events and a special membership card. The money collected from Life Memberships goes into a special fund that is not used for operations expenses, but which insures the long-term stability of the organization. If you're interested in becoming a Life Member, contact IJA secretary Tom Bennett at 216/745-3552.

Convention Coordinators Will Continue

The board of directors has concluded its search for a convention coordinator by hiring current coordinators Ginny Rose and Sandy Brown to fill the post through the 1991 convention. It was felt that with the ever increasing complexity of hosting an IJA convention, two people are required to insure its continued success.

Though they have not yet proposed a site for the 1991 convention, they are seriously considering a city in the central part of the USA. Those with suggestions for conventions should call Rose at 702/253-7799 or Brown at 913/651-7625.

Juggling Day Will Feature The 1990 Juggling Census

This year Juggling Day will be devoted to answering the age-old question, "Just how many people juggle, anyway?" So stand up and help us count in the 1990 Juggling Census!

Clubs, affiliates and individuals can participate. Contact us for a sample survey form (forms will be ready May 15). Then on Juggling Day (Saturday, June 16) you should take copies of the form to a public place (downtown, shopping malls, flea markets, the beach, etc.) and randomly stop people and ask them to fill out the survey. Clubs and affiliates are urged to stage a mini-festival in a public place to attract some attention as they conduct the census.

The IJA will award prizes for participants, and announce the 1990 Juggling Census results to members and the media at the convention in Los Angeles.

For more information, contact Bill Giduz, publications director, at Box 443; Davidson, NC 28036; 704/892-1296 (h) 892-2244 (o).

New Membership Recruiters Can Win Free Convention

The IJA membership drive has begun, and runs through May 15, 1991. Prize incentives are available for both individuals and affiliates who are recognized as referral contacts on new membership forms. A new member can be credited to either an affiliate or an individual, but not both.

The prize structure is as follows:

The contest runs through May 15, 1991, so that the people may apply their prizes to the 1990 or 1991 convention.

If you need IJA membership brochures, contact IJA Secretary Tom Bennett at Box 3707; Akron, OH 44314; 216/745-3552.

IJA Renewals

If it's time for you to renew your IJA membership, here's how it's done.

Your membership expiration date is printed beside your name on the mailing label of your Juggler's World (5/90 means you expire now!). To renew, mail check or money order for $20 (inside USA) or $25 (all other countries) to IJA Secretary Tom Bennett at Box 3707; Akron, OH 44314. You can charge your renewal to Visa or Mastercharge over the phone by calling Tom at 216/745-3552.

Remember, there is a $5 surcharge for first class mailing inside the USA. All mailing outside the USA is first class or air mail already. There is also a $5 surcharge for a family membership.

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