Juggler's World: Vol. 42, No. 1

Book Review

Review by Bill Giduz

Contacts for Booking Acts Worldwide

by Kit Summers

If you've got stars in your eyes, but not much exposure to juggling as business, Kit Summers' book will give you some good ideas. He includes chapters on every type of venue a juggler could find work, gives some tips on the best way to approach the situation, and lists contacts at those places. The size and value of the contact lists vary. While it may not be hard for you to find the address of each of the state departments of education he lists, you may find the seven page list of cruise lines a real help.

Most people who have been performing for some time are probably already aware of the opportunities Summers discloses, but still may find in his lists some names they've overlooked.

The chapters cover: street performing, stage shows, schools, colleges, comedy clubs, cruise lines, ice shows, fairs, circuses, agencies and managers. Throughout it all he emphasizes that "You are out to sell yourself, not your juggling. If you can make clients want you, they will buy whatever it is that you offer."

The book is assembled as 100 hole-punched 8-1/2" by 11" sheets of paper in a three-ring binder. It includes samples of juggling business cards, a proper biographical information sheet and sample of a PR pack photo.

Summers emphasizes that, "The business end is half, if not more than half, of performing." His book contains some good information for people who are just realizing that fact.

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