Juggler's World

Summer 1990

Vol. 42, No. 2

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On the Cover: Trixie Larue


Trixie Larue - The First Lady of Juggling
Few people would ever guess that this mild-mannered resident of Muskogee, Oklahoma, was once the finest female juggler in the world!

Dieter Tasso's Way is Stacking Cups the Hard Way
Tasso is a stage name for "cup" in several European languages - a prop that made this veteran entertainer famous.

California Street Tradition
The IJA was reborn in California in the late 1960s, and a whole new genre of entertainers faced their first audiences in its streets.

Essay - Juggling Playfully
by Barrett L. Dorko, P.T.



Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.



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Flash Back
Lester Bode

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