Juggler's World

Winter 1990

Vol. 42, No. 4

Table of Contents

On the Cover: Sergei Ignatov - a portrait from several years ago


Ignatov Tells All
Translation of an autobiographical article by Sergei Ignatov from a Soviet magazine in which he talks about his life and juggling philosophy.

Circus Smirkus Plays the USSR
Toby Ayer's dreams come true as this Circus Smirkus veteran gets called out of inactive reserve to accompany the Vermont troupe on a tour of the USSR.

Joel Purcell - 2nd Place Not Enough
Joel Purcell aims for a 1st Place Juniors finish at the upcoming St, Louis IJA convention.

Big Times in Oldenburg

The 13th Annual European Juggling Convention attracted 2,500 jugglers and some top guest stars to this German university town.

Oldenburg Festival Breathes Fresh Air of New European Freedom
Dave Jones

Top Jugglers & Organizational Efficiency Keep The Oldenburg Multitudes Happy
Andy Robinson




Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.


Essay - Life Juggling - Arthur Chandler

Schedule of upcoming events.


Classified Ads


Juggler's Workshop
Club Balancing - Martin Frost & Mike Stillwell

Flash Back
Bob Jackson Led his family with lightning-quick passing.

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