Juggler's World

Winter 1991

Vol. 43, No. 4

Table of Contents

On the Cover: Soviet juggler Mikhail Staroseletsky, a dentist by trade, warms up for the public show at his first juggling festival - The 1991 Tbilisi Convention. (Photo by John Wilkins)


Jugglers, Jongleurs and Giocolieres - The EJA Public Show
European Juggling Association

Juggling to a Different Drummer
The Mud Bay Jugglers. Peter Mark highlights an artful troupe from the great Northwest who have flourished with a definitely non-flash style.

Roughing it in Verona
American abroad Robert Peck reports on the things he expected, and the things he didn't, at the 14th European Juggling Convention.

Juggling Around the Revolution
Cindy Marvell tells a wonderful tale of Georgian hospitality for 250 Westerners juggling far from home at the first Soviet juggling convention.

Starting from Scratch in Japan
Joseph Dias starts a juggling club at a university club where most students have never heard of the art.

A Fading Japanese Juggling Tradition
Ed Henderson tells about the traditional Japanese bag "otedama," a fading traditional manipulation art.

Juggling in Three Dimensions
Stereo images.




Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.

Essay - It Never Works When You Watch
Conditions of practice.

Video Reviews

Schedule of upcoming events.

Classified Ads


Juggler's Workshop
Basic passing patterns.

Flash Back
An appeal to dignify the great Selma Braatz.

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