Juggling in Movies

The Comedy of Errors (1985)

[Karla Burns, Ethyl Eichelberger, Avner Eisenberg]

The Flying Karamazov Brothers take over the Vivian Beaumont at Lincoln Center as they tell the story of the two sets of identical twins, separated long ago by a tragedy at sea, who grow up never knowing of the other, and accidentally meet up in the same town to the confusion of a wife, a courtesan, three or four merchants, and their own parents.

Much juggling and other circus skills throughout, by the FKB's and others. Appearing as the Flying Karamazov Brothers were Tim Furst, Paul Magid, Randy Nelson, Howard Patterson, and Sam Williams. Others who juggled were Avner Eisenberg, Derique McGee, Wendy Parkman, Rosalinda Rojas, Daniel Mankin, Jeff Raz, and Mark Sackett.

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