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Hellzapoppin (1941)

[H.C. Potter film; Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Mischa Auer, Martha Raye]

Crazy as hell, at 100 miles an hour, loaded with sight gags that sometimes work and sometimes fall as flat as a burned pancake; but the feeling is surprisingly contemporary. The story begins in Purgatory, with Olsen and Johnson jumping in and out of a story that's barely there, basically a little romance tale of poor boy meets rich girl and wins her heart after putting on the traditional show. O. and J. constantly argue with the film's director and cameraman on camera about the restraints put upon them while mindless mayhem ensues - someone constantly yelling "Jones!" for no good reason; Auer, a rich count, chasing Martha Raye about madly, and vice versa.

Near the beginning of the film, two devils pass three flaming torches while three other devils run through their pattern. Also features other specialty acts.

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