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Jade Claw (1979)

[Billy Chong, Siu Tien Yuen, Chu Tiet Wo, Brandy Yuen]

Also known as "Ji zhao" and "Crystal Fist." A martial arts student is bound and determined to avenge his father's murder. To decimate the gang responsible, he must go into the most intense training of his life.

This has an amusing 2 minute scene with two Japanese men, one young and one old, with classic terrible dubbing into English. The old man displays his better reflexes, dodging a knife used by the young man to chop vegetables. Then, for no apparent reason, the old man manipulates 2 and 3 plates fairly well, and then a plate and bowl. He finishes the scene by tossing 8 bowls into a stack on his head, the last from his foot.

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