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The Mystery of Carlo Cavelli (1934)

[Erich Engel film; Rudolf Forster, Paul Henreid, Hans Moser]

Germany. Original title: Hohe Schule. The love of a young Austrian aristocrat to a circus rider is put to a heavy test when it becomes obvious that the former officer has killed the brother of the young woman, a traitor of the country, in a duel.

At 01:36, there are many short juggling sequences during the opening.

At 06:14, a man juggles 3 hats while a girl juggles three clubs.

At 09:58, a man spins 4 rings on his arms and legs while balancing on his head on a trapeze.

At 11:00, the girl juggling clubs earlier now juggles 3 hats, while the man who earlier did hats now juggles a ball, a hat, and an umbrella.

There were also many other variety acts shown throughout the film.

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