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Parade (1973)

[Jacques Tati, Bertil Berglund, Bertilo, Pierre Bramma, Pia Colombo, Karl Kossmayer, Johnny Lonn, Moniqa Sunnerberg, Jan Swahn]

France. Written and directed by Jacques Tati. Two children go behind the scenes of a small circus, where the center ring is filled with quiet little wonders. A series of performers do their acts in center stage. None of the acts is especially unique or amazing. We have seen jugglers, magicians, clowns and acrobats before. The only really original sight is the master of ceremonies, played by Tati. Pantomiming a tennis game, he uses his elastic body so freely that at times he seems to take flight, even though his feet remain on the earth.

Many circus acts are seen. Acrobats stand on each others' shoulders and juggle clubs, magicians make pretty girls disappear from trunks, a trained horse kicks anybody who tries to ride it, clowns fall over each other, and a tall, elegant man with gray hair plays tennis without a net or a ball. The man is Jacques Tati, a Frenchman who created his own world in the movies with no regard for what anybody else was doing.

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