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Yolanda and the Thief (1945)

[Fred Astaire, Lucille Bremer, Frank Morgan, Mildred Natwick, Mary Nash]

Johnny Riggs, a con man on the lam, finds himself in a Latin-American country named Patria. There, he overhears a convent-bred rich girl praying to her guardian angel for help in managing her tangled business affairs. Riggs decides to materialize as the girl's "angel," gains her unquestioning confidence, and helps himself to the deluded girl's millions. Just as he and his partner are about to flee Patria with their booty, Riggs realizes he has fallen in love with the girl and returns the money with a note that is part confession and part love letter. But the larcenous duo's escape from Patria turns out to be more difficult than they anticipated.

At 1:22:45, Ward Shattuck juggles 3 large hoops in a crowd at a fiesta for 8 seconds.

At 1:23:23, The Shattucks, Ward Shattuck and Ethel Shattuck, pass 6 clubs and pass clubs around Fred Astaire and Frank Morgan for 17 seconds.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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