Stereo Photographs

Here are some stereo photos taken by Duane Starcher ( They are to be viewed on any sized monitor with slightly crossed eyes. Just cross your eyes until you can get the two halves to merge and lock to see the 3-D effect.

Additional juggling and other stereo photos may be found in

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August 1994


A group photo of those attending the rec.juggling party at the International Jugglers Association festival in Burlington, VT.
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You may also view a large non-stereo copy of this picture.
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If you can, please help identify everyone in it, via e-mail to So far, we have:

Back row: Bruce Engholm, Joseph Manning, Scott Alexander, Ed Vorst, Richard Becker, Daniel Lieb, Dan McDonald, Ralph Becker, ?.

Standing midground: Robert Berks, Derek Bosch, Chan Wilson, Jack Byrd, Nathan Hoover, Barry Bakalor, Martin Frost, Dave Torok, Doug Harris, David Holz, Jim Dorman.

Seated: (Julie D.'s friend), Greg Cohen, Julie Daniell, Steve Joyce, Bram Cohen, Andrew Conway (holding Dan and Ian), Ray Hoffman, Allen Knutson, Greg Warrington, ?.

July 1993

Taken at the International Jugglers Association festival in Fargo, ND.


Roy Maltby ( juggling five balls. He used this shot on his Masters Thesis in Mathematics at Calgary.
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The start of the 5 ball open endurance competition.
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Near the end of the 5 ball open, with Jay Gilligan, Bruce "Boppo" Tiemann (, Cindy Marvel, and another unidentified juggler.
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Gary Karp ( from San Francisco feeding a weave of three other jugglers from his wheelchair. The others are Mike and Carolyn Hatalski (, and Martin Frost (me@CS.Stanford.EDU) in the red shirt.
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Gregor Popovich on a free-standing ladder, juggling 7 rings, with a pole balanced on his forehead in the Fargo public show.
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And here's Duane Starcher ( himself, juggling 5 balls.
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