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You can unpack these with LHARC or LHA, (available on Compuserve's IBM forum or from loads of places on the Internet, such as SIMTEL. Use your archie client to locate the nearest site.

Jongl, version 4.6, 418054 bytes
A spiffy juggling viewer that lets you change your viewing angle. To quote one user "It's three dimensional, and it responds real time. You can move around a juggling pattern using the mouse. This may be the first chance you get to see a juggler's eye view of 7 club back crosses ;-). Oh... yeah... you can even see the shadows that the juggler and props cast on the floor... way cool."

This has an English set of menus in addition to German ones. Check out the readme file that is distributed with Jongl.

There is an official Jongl home page as well as additional pages in both English and German.

Created by Werner Riebesel, and Martin Hoffmann,

Site Swap Animation Program, 13709 bytes
AJUGGLE is an Amiga program to animate juggling patterns entered in the popular "site swap" notation. If you aren't familiar with this, you will find this program very confusing. I would suggest reading the introductory site swap articles posted elsewhere. This archive includes an Amiga binary ready to use, source code, and documentation.

AJUGGLE is not a port of either the PC program by Allen Knutson or its X-Windows version. It was written from scratch and is fully Amiga-tized, for ease of use, by Jack Boyce,, January 1992.

Steve Hawtin's juggling display program, 114220 bytes
This archive contains the sources for jug, a program that animates juggling patterns by Steve Hawtin, It includes three versions:
for ASCII terminals using curses.
for X Windows under Unix.
for Amigas using WB1.3. An Amiga binary, ajug, is included, ready to use.

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