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JuggleMaster, Version 1.60b, 70938 bytes
JuggleMaster is an excellent site swap viewer for DOS (not Windows), which uses tones to make various throws audible, and has very realistic body movements for the animated juggler. It also comes with a large selection of built-in site swaps, some of which are both amazing and amusing. And you can even add your own.

Ken Matsuoka,

JuggleKrazy, 181645 bytes
JuggleKrazy is available at the JIS in shareware form. In addition, more information is available about the complete program, and how to get it.

Colin Wright,, and Andrew Lipson,

JugglePro, Version S3.6, 140459 bytes
JugglePro is shareware. It is an abridged version of Version 3.6 which has extended options. You are encouraged to distribute this software free of charge. If you enjoy this program, you are obliged to support its further development by making out a check to: Ed Carstens, 12945 County Road 8080, Rolla, MO 65401. The requested fee of $25 makes you a registered JugglePro member. Registered members receive one free update of the complete version with written documentation. Newsletters will inform you of future updates which cost only $5 by mail.

You are also encouraged to create your own juggling patterns. If you would like your patterns or demos to be included in future versions, please mail them to me or email to

Easy Juggle, juggling teacher, 48210 bytes
Teaches and demonstrates juggling patterns. DOS or Windows.

This is a demonstration copy of the Easy Juggle program that is presently being sold in juggling stores around Australia. This has only a small fraction of the total juggling patterns that are available in the full version, and some of the other features have been disabled. The demo version can be freely distributed and has instructions on how to purchase the full version.

[screen image] Touch for a full size sample screen image.

Darren Snodgrass,

Juggling Tutor, Version 1.21: 3 Ball Juggler, 91016 bytes
A fast, EGA/VGA juggling tutor with challenging arcade game.

3 ball Juggler uses fast animation with high resolution EGA/VGA graphics to teach juggling. In addition to teaching all the fundamentals of three ball juggling, the program demonstrates some common mistakes most beginners make. Graphic and text instruction of several tricks are also provided. Speed can be varied allowing the juggling to be viewed in slow motion. A challenging multi-level nonviolent arcade game is also included. This game simulates juggling with control over each hand. (Distributed via Shareware.)

Juggle: Juggling Pattern Simulator, 63881 bytes
JUGGLE.EXE by Michael Kleber, Harvard University, Nov. 1991.

Juggle is another graphical simulator for juggling site swap patterns. When given a pattern, it creates bitmap pictures of the balls it will use, calculates in advance the positions the balls will have to be in, and animates the pattern until a key is pressed.

A pattern is a string of tosses. A toss is represented by a number, specifying how long the ball is to stay in the air, and may optionally be followed by a ' (apostrophe), indicating that it is an outside toss. Numbers of more than one digit must be encloed in parentheses. The letters a-z can be used as shorthand for the numbers 10-35, and do not need parens.

Michael Kleber,

Juggle: Juggling Pattern Demonstrator, 36345 bytes
juggle [-d] <pattern> [-s <pattern>]

This program takes site swap patterns on the command line in the form invented by some of Bruce Tiemann (, Bengt Magnusson, and Joel Hamkins [LOGIC] to specify two-handed alternating patterns.

The program has a simple internal form to keep track of the balls: the -d flag causes the diagnostics to be printed. If the program discovers a flaw in the pattern, it forces the diagnostics. Either way, most nice features of the program are disabled.

Allen Ivar Knutson,

Yet Another Juggling Program, 16865 bytes
A siteswap simulation program for the PC (DOS) platform by Patrik Hedmalm, Features include:
- Fast VGA animation 320*200 256 colors.
- Realtime X-scalable pattern.
- Realtime variable speed.
- Realtime toggling of balls.
- Realtime swapping of balls.

DOS Site Swap Viewer, 42119 bytes
This can juggle any siteswap of up to 9 balls, and lets you toggle between the normal and Mills Mess version in real time. By Kendall Harrison,

Windows 95 Animated Cursor, 4134 bytes
This animated juggling cursor for Windows 95 comes in two versions, with and without the crosshair.

[cursor image]

Matt Misbach,

Another Animated Cursor, 6260 bytes

Juggle Saver.
Version 0.32 is here for people on this side of the Atlantic. Juggle Saver is an accurate 3D site-swap juggling simulator that runs as a Windows screen saver.

By Brian Apps,

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