Unix source code for juggling software

These sources are in .tgz format, which is a gzip'ed tar file. See Compress.txt for help if you are unfamiliar with unpacking these.

kirkwood.tgz, 43587 bytes
This is a greatly improved version of the Knutson site swap program listed below, as developed by Jeremy Kirkwood, jpk@anvil.co.uk. It includes a much improved user interface, many new features, and is easily the best juggling software generally available for Unix platforms.

[screen image] Touch for a full size sample screen image.

knutson2.tgz, 23387 bytes
This is the earliest site swap display program, originally written by Allen Knutson, allenk@alumni.caltech.edu, after being enhanced and ported to X Windows by several people, notably John Robinson, jayar@ultranet.com.

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j2.tgz, 27231 bytes
A site swap generator for creating new patterns, by Jack Boyce, jboyce@physics.berkeley.edu. Runs on most systems.

xjug.tgz, 51178 bytes
This archive contains Unix sources for jug (for ASCII terminals using curses) and xjug (for X Windows). These programs by Steve Hawtin, steve@geosys.co.uk, animate juggling patterns including those like Mills Mess that cannot be described by a simple site swap.

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xjug (for X-Windows Users Only),
Xjug is a web interface to Xjug, a program (written by Steve Hawtin) that animates juggling patterns. All you have to do is choose the pattern. By Juan Jose Flores Romero, juan@ix.cs.uoregon.edu.

xjuggle.8.tgz, 13284 bytes
Another X Windows site swap display program, in C++.

sss.tgz, 16289 bytes
Yossarian King's Site Swap Scribe. Generates postscript display of site swap notation. Runs on most systems.

steve-limb.tgz, 23179 bytes
This is an X/Motif juggling program for animating 3-9 balls in various patterns, written by Steve Limb, steve@raisin.demon.co.uk.

xancur.tgz, 50717 bytes
Create an animated juggling cursor for your X Windows desktop.

[cursor image]

xjugicon.tgz, 2883 bytes
Create an animated juggling icon for your OpenWindows/Openview desktop. Requires Xview libraries. Created by Dave Torok, torok@i-2000.com.

[cursor image]

zondo.tgz, 14021 bytes
This is Juggle, v1.0, by Glenn Hutchings, zondo@hunting2.demon.co.uk, and is yet another site swap animation program, You can specify the pattern for it to display, or tell it to pick a random one. Juggle comes with a standard curses display and a Silicon Graphics IRIS GL display, but no X interface yet. Juggle sprang up from a great article in a March 1995 issue of New Scientist, by Ian Stewart.

isValid.c.gz, 902 btes
This is isValid, v1.0, by Alan Morgan, Alan.Morgan@eng.efi.com. A small C program (93 lines) that takes a dictionary file and determines which words are valid site-swaps.

jgl30.tgz, 28065 bytes
This is JGL V3.0, an interactive site swap animator and ladder diagram illustrator written in "wish" by Ron Zajac, zajac@nortel.ca. Wish is the windowing shell built upon John Ousterhout's TCL/TK language. This program has been successfully run under Linux, HP-UX and MacOS. It should run under other versions of Unix, and MS-Windows as well.

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