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Aim of the service.

How it's updated.

When it's updated.

Where I get the information from.

How the information is structured.

History. How this service has evolved.

Aim of the service

The aim of this service is to provide up-to-date information on Juggling Conventions/Festivals going on around the world.

How it's updated

The master files for this service are maintained by me on my local machine (which is not a WWW server), and are downloaded to an ftp site from where they are copied to to www.juggling.org. This means that any changes MUST be made through me as changes made directly to the files at www.juggling.org are likely to be overwritten.

When it's updated

I intend to update the information at least every week, but this is dependent on my other commitments (e.g. work and holidays).

Where I get the information from

The information provided is sourced from anywhere I can get it (e.g. The Catch, Kaskade, rec.juggling and information mailed directly to me). I do not verify the information I get so cannot vouch for its accuracy. I also may make typing errors (although I try to be very careful with dates) - so please tell me if you find any glaring errors.

How the information is structured

The information is contained in the festivals/ directory of the Juggling Information Service. Information on each convention is held in its own file. To access these files in a sensible way (well I think it is; if you don't agree, please suggest a more user-friendly alternative), I've set things up so you access them in a variety of ways, such as by geographical region. To do this easily, the information is held as follows:

This file is the top level entry point for the festival information. It is generated automatically each day, and contains links to festivals coming soon, and links to the upcoming lists for each of the several regions.

This directory contains an index.html file containing a chronological list of all upcoming festivals. It also contains a set of region.html files, containing links to the upcoming festivals in that region. A region is in some cases one country and in others it covers multiple countries - this is determined by the number of festivals in a given country. All of these indexes are generated automatically each day.

This directory is organized like the upcoming/ directory, but contains information on festivals that have past. It contains a index.html file containing a reverse chronological list of all past festivals. It also contains a set of region.html files, containing links to the past festivals in that region. These indexes are also generated automatically each day.

This directory contains the files with the details of each festival. There is usually one file per festival, but additional files containing logos, maps, photos, or more information is possible. Each primary festival file is named as yymmdd-cc-what.html, where:

the year, month, and day when the festival ends
a country code for where the festival occurs
a code representing what the festival is called

This naming convention makes maintenance of the information fairly simple, and allows the daily automatic generation of all of the indexes to be fast and simple.

This directory contains the scripts that run daily to automatically generate the indexes, plus a few configuration files that provide additional information needed by the scripts. These files require minimal maintenance.

A list of regions, containing a code name and full name for each, plus the list of country codes contained in each region.

A list mapping country codes to the full names for each country.

A list mapping the what portion of a festival file name to the full festival name. This is only needed for some old festival files that do not contain this information within the file in the currently standard manner.

This is the executable script that runs daily to generate all of the indexes. It uses several other scripts that are also kept within this directory.

../Icon/, Icon/
These directories contain the icons displayed with the various index files.

The history of how this service evolved.

This file.

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