Juggler's Bulletin

P.O. Box 711, Tulsa 1, Oklahoma

Number 8, May 1945

Shootin' The Breeze Roger

Under the above title we're ready to "Shoot the Breeze" about everything and anything from Indian Clubs to "hossfeathers". So here goes.

The front cover pictures LEO RULLMAN whose Juggling is well known to Magic Convention goers in the East. In addition to his interest in Juggling has the best collection of books on Juggling in this country -- or at least did have -- we've gotten several from him in the past. We thought the pictures were as good a piece of photography of Juggling in action as we've seen in a long time. We especially liked them because we believe it proves the point that by good photography coupled with good reproduction the writing of a book of instruction on the finer points of Juggling would be much simpler. At least we hope to try it in some future Bulletin.

For you collectors of Juggler's photos, DOUG (in the sticks) COUDEN passes on this valuable info. There are four different prints of TRUZZI available at $1.00 each, and can be had by addressing Richard MacAllister, c/o Express Publishing Co., San Antonio, Texas.

Another Item mentioned by DOUG which would be of interest to all circus fans, is the catalog or guide book of the famous HARRY HERTZBERG "Circusana" collection. The Booklet is 35 cents and can be obtained from - HARRY HERTZBERG COLLECTION, San Antonio Public Library, San Antonio, Texas.

From NORBERT PROVOST via DOUG COUDEN comes this valuable dope. LaCrosse balls made from war-time rubber are again available from T. Eaton Co., Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They are $3.00 a dozen with 90 cents duty. The bounce of course isn't like the prewar kind but would probable be good for general use.

BOBBY MAY reports seeing and meeting several Jugglers around BOSTON. How about hearing from some of you Bostonians.

A serious note creeps in as we learn from GEORGE DeMOTT that BOB RIPA was killed in a plane crash in the South Pacific while on tour with a U.S.O. Unit. GEORGE further reports that JOHN KNARR, known professionally as JOHNNY RAY - The Juggler was killed in the tank battle of Normandy.

TOM BREEN of THE ELGINS, reports playing at the Boulevard room of the Stevens Hotel in Chicago, and then on to Pittsburgh. Reports seeing LeBrack & Bernice at the Barnes Bros. Circus, as well as PAT & WILNA LAVOLO. It is now THE FIVE WILLYS - one having contract service with Uncle Samuel.

DICK WILLIAMS reports that CHARLIE DRYDEN, old-timer and barrel-kicker, appeared in a Gay Nineties Review at the Crawford Theatre at Wichita. BUSTER BARNARD has left for U.S.O. Camp Show tour,

THEODORE STROMBERG writes to add a book we didn't have on our list in Bulletin No. 7. "Conran's Juggler's Guide. Balancing and Spinning". He also sent us some copies of the Juggler's column in the Billboard.

We've had several requests for gags, lines, and patter so if you'll all send in your pet gag we'll print them up in the next issue.

The picture below shows ED DEWEES hiding behind a club, DOUG (dead pan) COUDEN and GUS (Jugglers thumb) KIRALFO. Here is truly the fearful three of Juggling. DOUG says Exit was for quick get-away and the words on the floor read "Sample Room - Use only - Sample Room". The clubs by Lind.


On the many occasions (at least ten or twelve) that I have enjoyed the following act - he has never missed on the three club juggle with one hand or the five club juggle.


"The Mad Hatter"

Oakland Orpheum July 23, 1943

Three club routine using fake back throws and fake between leg throws at start of routine with the remark "I'll do all the hard tricks first".

During the routine did kick-ups with one and two clubs also a two club bit - two clubs being held in one hand, thrown into air with lower club making a single revolution and top club doing a double revolution and both clubs being caught in same hand.

Three clubs with right hand.

Club routine closing with juggling of five clubs.

Routine with straw hats - single hat thrown out - reaches for it with right hand but catches it with left.

Two hats thrown out and on return one caught in each hand.

Two different hats thrown out and caught by a thread between them, upon return.

Head catch of hat thrown by members of audience.

Fast three hat routine as JOHNSON rushes around stage with each foot in a hat box.


San Antonio, Texas. Finally caught a Juggling act. Doc Mehendra, former mentalist, now in business here, took a party out to the Plunkett Tent Rep Show opening. Capt. (Fuzz) Plunkett gets laughs with comedy juggling, working in his regular Toby character. He has an odd way of handling 5 balls, doing 3 in one hand and 2 in the other, but very low, about height of head. Did some neat catching on neck with single ball and also included routines with cigar boxes, plates and clubs. Before family show's opening had some visits at winter quarters here and group juggling snaps were show of Ed DeWees, Gus Kiralfo, Fuzz and the writer. Fuzz did a bounding trick with ball from shoulder to head to other shoulder.

Two other juggling acts working with Rep Shows in this part of the country, Mundee and June, double Club Jugglers who throw shoulders, last season with the Sadler Show and Marcia, Lady Juggler, doing clubs, plates and balls, with the Standley Players in Oklahoma, also last season.

Ed DeWees out front at one of our shows. Ed's son Eddie picking-up club juggling so we may have another "Eddie and Eddie" juggling act. Original one is the Tierney father and son act playing theatres in New England some time back. Trick remembered in this act was passing 7 clubs, lobbing them up in the air a bit.

Lola taken ill here and in bed for a week so Ed pinch hits in one of our shows with magic and club juggling. Rest of shows postponed. Have had a couple of inquiries about what Lola does in our school show so here it is. Plays accordion with juggling and Vent acts and also does a medley. In addition to her feature act, Punch & Judy, Lola also does Rag Pictures and Magic. My wife is not only a versatile performer but an A-1 booker and a good cook, an old New England gal. We are both 54 incidentally.

George Gordon departed to join the Siebrand Circus in Arizona. Dick Ricton was in hospital in Atlanta with heart attack but out now and improving. His wife Mattie carrying on with the restaurant business. Ricton is one of the "First Fifty" to subscribe to the Jugglers Bulletin. A good list to preserve, Roger.

Hugh Shepley, Prep school student, reports quite an interest in juggling around Boston. Meeting place is the Y.C.M.U. (Union) where 7 tossers got together recently, including Lew Folds, now with musical comedy show "Carousel" in Big Town. Most prolific writer is that guy Provost. And a box of Milky Ways to you, Norbert, for locating standard juggling balls. Info has been passed on to our Editor. This R.I. Juggler also sends original balancing routine which we'll try to make room for when space permits. Jim Conway suggests a "How I Started Juggling" Dept. In the Bulletin. From out in the Pacific comes a request for gags for his boys from Capt. Hamilton Floyd, author of the "Manual of Show Stunts". He would also like info on bouncing ball at an angle. Shoot in some dope on this boys and include a gag such as, "This is my last appearance in the U. S. I open next week in El Paso", also comedy juggling tricks. We'll publish them so all can peruse. Pic this month shows Fuzz Plunkett putting up 4 plates at show's winter quarters. See that fourth one?

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