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Number 10, July 1945

Shootin' The Breeze Roger

Our cover picture this month pictures LARRY WEEKS in a shot of the Kitchen Police Travesty of Irving Berlin's "This is-the Army". The original was taken on stage at the Broad way Theatre in New York City by George Karger. This picture also appeared in "Life" - July 20th, 1942.

We think you'd. be interested in some of the facts of life so here's a brief s ummary:

He was boim September 24, 1919 in Salem, Massachusetts (are uou Mass. Jugs listenin'?). His fam- ily moved to New York City and he attended Public School 46, The Bronx; Boy's Hi gh School, Brook- lyn and Brooklyn Col.lege. In 1937 he won the 'J.3. Inter-Collegiate Baton Twirl ing Championship.

Before induction into the Azmy, Larry was demonstrating his skill in Juggling, M agic and Hypnotism, in Hotels, Night Clubs and Theatres.

Cpl. Weeks was Inducted into the Army at Fort Dix and. assigned to the Signal Co rps at Fort Monmouth Where he completed eight weeks at the message center and is listed as a qualifie d cryptographer.

IRVING BERLIN discovered Weeks performing at one of the Fort Monmouth's Camp Sho ws, and a few weeks (no pun) later, he was called to Camp Upton and then transferred to the 'This is the Army" detach- ment, where he worked out the Juggling routine built around "'Kitchen Police" - the delicate Army term for potato peelers, dish washers and general cleaner-uppers.

In the act, instead of peeling potatoes, Cpl. Weeks juggles them when the Mess S ergeant isn't look- ing. He detaches the mopstick from the top and twirls It like a Drum Major, and his innocent looking egg-beater suddenly becomes Indian Clubs.

Since the inception of "TITA" - Larry has presented his act in 17 countries to 1 ,600,000 spectators in 825 shows traveling over 50,000 miles to do so. That was a couple of months a go, it's more now.

Larry received our Bulletins No. 1 and No. 3 in Bombay, India, and No. 4 in the Philippines - and that Is traveling. He either has a memory like an elephant, or a big black note book, or both. In Bulletin No. 3, we mentioned Juggling and Jugglers in movies. Larry adds the fol lowing items:

The THREE SWIFTS passed fire torches in "The Arabian Nights".

The SIX WILLYS appear in "See My Lawyer".

GEORGE MURPHY and JOAN Davis juggled tnree balls each during a song and dance number in EDDIE CANTOR "Show Business". It was a juggler handling 3 balIs that was featured in the open ina s hot of "Casablanca

In March of Tine's "Show Business at War" released in 1943, BOBBY MAY was pic- tured doing four cIub spread for the U.S.O. (Larry appeared in the same fiIm with a shot at dressing table making up for cne of the scenes in "TITA").

The JOHNSCN BROTHERS appeard in "Hey Rookie" passing 6 fire torches.

An old Pete Smith - "Timing, is Everything" had both VAL SETZ and HOWARD NICHOLS doing parts of their acts.

In "Men in Her Life" there was a juggler in the opening Circus scene dressed in Cinquevalli - traditional Juggler's costume. This was the gererally smart and styIish BILLY RAYES juggling 5 balIs in an 1875 setting. What a change oF character for him!

A great deal of Juggling Flashes appear in movies if you pay close attention and are looking for it. In the recent "Swing out the Blues" there is a scene depic- ting a theatrical boarding louse. A juggler ertered and juggled three clubs in walking up a flight of stairs to his room.

Someone doubling for Peter Lorre threw very fast double or triples with three clubs in one of the Mr. Moto pictures a long time ago. Thescene was in a dressing-room back stage in a theater, and the costume worn was a tramp-clown make-up.

* * * * * Norbert Provost informs us that there is a picture of W. C. Fields in the July I ssue of, "Esquire".

George DeMott reports that the tornado that struck Jaimestown, New York, home of Hrarry Lind, caused damage that was estimated at $6,000,000 - but none of Lind's property was damage d. George further adds tha@ the name of the Mexican Juggler with Cole Bros. circus is Meneses; the Chinese Juggler's name is Joe Lee.

Bobby May currently playing the Stevens Hotel, Chicago.

- 35

A Juggler in the Stix

By DOUG COUDEN C'-- Clinton, Okla. Pics in last column were slipped in by Roger. Top one taken 'Dy Lola shows the writer with Twinkle, our Collie and our outfit on way down from Cedaredge, Colo. where we spent a couple of months 6,500 feet up in the Roc kies, summer of 1943. Played enough nights shows around there to keep the pot-a-boilin'. Other snap sh ows Roger (right). and the writer with Lola ready to catch balls if we miss.

No Jugglers in Oklahoma except Roger it seems, so will just Ad lib a bit. Roger loaned us some books, among them being 'Facts, Fare and Fortune" bv Everhart. This has some goo d photos of hoop rolling and juggling by the above artist who originated this tvpe of act. Also h as some fair

descriptions of routines written by reviewers in the press. Although the truth i s stretched consider- ably the book is extremely interesting reading. Another book, "American Vaudevil le, It's Life and Times" by Douglas Gilbert, gives a good coverage of the 60 vears of Vaudeville. Writer knows his subject and should be read by all performers.

Bert Hansen again comes through with something of interest to jugglers. Sends a list of books, etc., issued by a dealer in Circus literature. This includes material on Jugglers, Vau deville, etc., and can be obtained by writing C. Spencer Chambers, P.O. Box 722, Syracuse 1, N.Y. K indly mention the Juggler's Bulletin lads. Bert also tells how how spin two hoops in opposite dire ctions on one arm.

Hold left arm straight out to side. Start hoop spinning on upper arm with up and down movement of body, other hoop being held in left hand. Now get this one going in opposite dir ection on wrist. Simple as falling off a log, sez Bert.

Letter from Betty Gorham, Davenport, Iowa, 14 year old Club Juggler. Dick Ricton moved his Biz across highway in Atlanta to 2533 Bankhead, so if any readers are in Atlanta, st op out and see if he can still juggle 7 & 8 balls. The Montagues, Lyceum performers, caught Trixie in the Icecapades in

L. A. Duke pipes, "I have never seen anyone do a better job. Difficult trix and no misses, all on ice skates.' Gus Kiralfo, that 80 year old juggler sends the news from San Antonio.

Norbert Provost types he caught Ray Royce in Providence, balancing stick on head and juggling 4 rings while riding unicycle. Also Bedini and Joe getting a lot out of catching apples on fork held in mouth, tossed from audierce.

Inquiry about bouncing ball at an angle. Don't do this myself but would say that on rebound ball is given a sharp downward stroke with side of hand, slightly to one side of ball to impart the necessary English. How about sending in your pet triple manipulation? Here's mine to start it off. Balance spinning plate on staff on chin while spinning rope in left hand baton in right. Have seen Bert Hansen do his '3-Ring Circus' trick as follows. Balance paper cone on forehead, do card shuffle in left hand and juggle two balls in right.

Coincidence? In a drawing which appeared in the N.Y. Times, December 24th, 1933, illustrating "The Juggler of Notre Dome" - tosser is handling 4 knives and 1 ball. Photo of Truzzi also shows him doing the same trickl

Have some extra advertising cards of ours with cuts of Juggling, etc., which we would swap for Juggling photos. Address is 1860 El Sereno Avenue, Pasadena 3, California.

Bert Hansoen's Juggling Reviews



Enters juggling 3 hoops and does routine with three. With four, does spin on one leg while rolling 3 over shoulder. Closes hoops with cascade of five hoops.

Boomerang with catch in net fastened to back. Boomerang thrown into audience, an d on return caught still spinning on top of hat.

Three hat routine and into four (in four hat work has one on head, one in each h and, and one on foot).

Diabolo tossed to cord held by stage hand - rolls along cord to a loop the loop arrangement in center stage - continues on in same direction on cord held by second stage hand. A Japanese Break- away Box is suspended overhead with a cord dangling to stage. just as the diabol o reaches point where dangling cord touches cord held by stage hand, Melvin loops dangling cord around diabolo, which climbs cord to box. Contact of diabolo and box causes the box to open.


Hair On The Jest ===============================================================================

LARRY WEEKS mentioned a title that would most apropos for this coIlection, but w e won't use it, because we're hoping to get LARRY to write up some of his experien ces for the BULLETIN under his title - "Humor In the Jugular Vein". Here're a few gags we brewed up into a sort of routine -

"I went in a store the other day to get some Juggling ball s - since I wanted a large quantity of them, I asked the girl if she had any special terms for jugglers ... She said, "Yes she did, but she was too such of a lady to use them."

I asked her what size balIs she had in stock-she showed me some Iarge ones (pick up and juggIe three marbles). I said "These are too small." She said, "Then we have the giant size, (pick up three balls used in playing jacks and juggle them). I said, "Not large enough it." She said, "How about our Super size? " ( pick up three golf balls and juggIe). "Still not large enough" - I said and she said, "Here, try our SUPER-JUMBO-COLOSSAL balls.", Pick up your regular balls and continue to juggle as you talk)

"I said, "How much are your SUPER-JUMBO-COLOSSAL balls?", She said, "$1.00 each." I said, "But they sell then for fifty cents down the street." She sai d "Why don't you buy them there?" I said, "Because they haven't any in stock." She said, "Well, when we don't have any we sell them for twenty-five cents each."

'WelI, I bought three SUPER-JUMBO-COLOSSAL red balls. They had some gold ones to o but I'Il always remember the sad experience I had with, 3 gold balls - I lost my watch that way.

"I asked, "Is the color fast?" She said, "Why don't you ch ase it and see?" "I said, "What makes these balls so expensive?" She said, "They once belonged to a millionaire." I said, "Who was that?" she said, "F. W. Woolworth, . . . . and-they're Woolworth the money, too!" (Hold nose on this one and to audience say. "I know that one smells but I'm standing closer to it than you are").

"l said, "What do you have in the shape of Juggling Hoops?" She sa id, "Funeral wreathes, life preservers, invalid cushions and doughnuts."

*She said, "Say, it seems to me I've seen your face somewhere before." I said, "How odd." She said , "It certainly is! - but say arn't you the Juggle r that appeared at Convention HalI last night?" I said, "Yes did I surprise your?"' She said, "You certainly did I thought you were going to be GOOD!""

After Writing the above, we got to thinking the matter over and feel that there could be an endless routine of talk and Juggling combinations possible. We'd like topu t it in the form of a contest. For the best one sent in, we will offer a three yea r subscription to the Bulletin. Entries to become the property of the Bulletin. En- tries to be judged on qualities of the gags and smoothness of continuity. Contes t to close October 10th.

In the meantime drop us your favorite gag, like -

"That's enough of the good stuff - now I'll do something"


When Juggling axes, knives or similar dangerous looking items - "This frightens me

out of my wits - but it's good to get out once in awhile"


"I did this one at the asylum the other night, they were all crazy about it" the audience doesn't laugh at a gag, in surprised or hurt tone, "Am I talking loud enough"


"I know you're out there because I can hear you breathing"

0 R

"I don't see how you can sleep out there with the lights on"

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