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P.O. Box 711, Tulsa 1, Oklahoma

Number 25, October 1946

A neat trick for parasol workers:- Have three parasols made up as in the diagram. The disc is tossed from one story to the next and then down again. Not difficult and the effect is excellent.

A novel variation to the ball or disc on the parasol can be obtained by using a figure of a clown on a unicycle made up as shown in the sketches. The weights keep the figure upright and the effect is very funny.

If you are looking for something way off the beaten track in novelty Juggling the Juggling of 3 baby dolls will appeal to you. The three dolls are made similar to clubs in weight and balance. Head and face features should be bold and well modelled. The "baby" can be dressed to any taste. "Babies" may be wheeled on in a baby carriage and if you have a fair vent voice the juggling can proceed amidst crying effects. Other ways of using these "dead-end kids" will suggest themselves- but the idea is quite funny.

A slick idea along the spinning line is to spin an ordinary oblong tray. (metal or wooden). The gimmick is a small rubber tip on the stick, which grips the tray just off center.


It's Pvt. Hugh Shepley now- Hugh, we'll be returning your 3 bux you sent for renewal as our policy of free subscriptions to servicemen still holds- But we hope you're out again soon so you can send it back, eh? Dr. Baldwin, the Pittsburgh pill tosser writes a swell article with pics about another swell jug., Art Jennings in the October "Linking Ring". Harry Lind in writing about his proposed lessons in club juggling which will include a complete routine with one club says, "Speaking of one-club moves, try this one 'when resting'-

Take one club in right hand, hold by knob. Now bend at waist so you are looking at floor. Lift the left leg enough so you can reach under it with right hand. Throw the club under left leg so that it travels over the back at the shoulders with two turns. Weight of the body is then shifted to left leg and right leg is raised. Left hand reaches under raised right leg to catch the club. The move is then repeated in reverse.

Harry says, "It's a corker and very uncertain, but to make it easier try this one first."-

Stand up straight. Right hand tosses a double under left leg which is raised slightly off the floor. The club passes over in front of you. Then shift weight and lift right leg. Reach under with left hand and catch the club. Repeat in reverse.

Well, guess we'll have to do some more "resting". Doug calls our attention to the fact that in Bert Hansen's reviews in Bulletin 23, we failed to note the name of the act reviewed. It was BOB HERMINE, caught at the Capitol Theatre, Flint Michigan, March 1946. Have to fire the proof-reader-- whoa, can't do that--that's us. We had a pleasant but far too brief visit with Homer Goddard and Johnny Tripp (of the former act of Stanley-Tripp-and Mowatt) when the Big One was here.




Murfreesboro, Tenn.: Jim Woodrow (James Bevenger) in from Ohio to break in in school biz. Eric Johnson liked that hat spinning article no end but wonders who-done-it. 'Twas our editor. He shoulda tacked on a by-line, By Roger, The Tulsa Technician. I join Eric is applauding the article. Ellard C. Miller, Ames, Iowa amateur kix in 3 bux. He does not choose to be a pro as he is readying himself to be a sky pilot at State College in his home town. He may do some semi-pro dates tho while a stude. I had the pleasure of starting El off juggling. Before opening last season our trailer was set in the State Park in Little Rock, Ark. El was camping there with his father who was taking the baths. We cut up jack pots on vent, they caught our show, then El consented to act as a guniea pig in an experiment of learning to juggle, starting from scratch. Timing his practice several days I found that it took him 7 hours to do about 50 tosses of the cascade with 3 balls, a few tosses showering and 2-in-1 hand. Which all goes to show that it takes considerable time to pick up the rudiments of toss juggling. Snap shot, taken at that time, shows my wife and Mr. Miller watching El struggling with the 3-ball shower. Where the balls are no one knows but pic illustrates the tenseness of arms, a far cry from relaxation while juggling which is developed by degrees. This easing up of muscles makes for more graceful movements, one of the various showmanship angles of juggling. Charlton Chute rings the bell with slick reviews of Ben Beri, Howard Nichols, and Zippo, the Clown. Charlton sent carbons, originals going to Bert Hansen so we'll be looking for 'em in print. After N.Y. and Boston biz trek Charlton is heading for Philly for a fling. Inside lowdown- That jugs stick together through thick and thin is exemplified by Fred Allen trying out H.V. Kaltenborn on his air show as a comedian. I know what it means, H.V., to be stranded in a big city and appreciate your grit and determination to try anything to get jump money to get out of town. Don't forget the juggling bartender racket - always good for a few bucks - not to be sneezed at. Adios.


Dear Roger, Couldn't put the gag of knocking 'em off the bar in the act as it busted a board in the bar but Plug didn't take it out of my pay, a good egg. Some fun here last Sat. When I went on at 10 three guys tried to start something and after I works one of them comes up to me and says I'm a fake and never been in jail. This makes me mad and leads to a hot argument and some mixing but the dope was a pushover, a 1-2 to the button and his eyes get glassy so I rushes him up and out onto the street. The other two dont like this and both come for me but they was easy too and in less time than it takes to say Mizymilany I have the three out on the sidewalk wondering what it's all about. This tickled Plug a lot and it winds up by me getting another sawbuck per week with a grand total now of 60 fish, not bad, not bad. And that aint all as along with raise I get to be the Official Bouncer, not to be sneezed at. A lad blows in from St. Paul and after gassing with Plug at the back end of the bar he blows. Plug gives me the lowdown. New guy has an inside wire to one of the tracks and Plug and I have some dough for him on his next stop. To make a long story short we clean up. I haven't seen so much folding money since prohibition. And say Roger here's that 3 bucks for the jugs bul. No excuse now for not paying off. Ha, ha. Couple of amateurs in to catch my act and to keep em from lifting my stuff I buttoned up my lip and gave out with no gags but of course I had to do my tricks. After all what is a juggling act without tricks. So I did a dumb act with none of my hot gags. Some of the customers were sore but you can't please everybody. One of my mainest comedy tricks is the comedy cannon balls which I have painted to look like the real iron balls. Hating fake tricks as we should leave that to the magicians I tried it with 3 solid wood balls but had to cut it out as it gave me an awful headache. So Long


Bert Hansen writes, "Did I mention spending an evening with Bill Talent recently? Among the many outstanding items, he juggled seven balls, also four in one hand and a three ball toss behind the back, catching the three in one hand. In his act proper he makes his entrance carrying a suitcase and cane. The cane opens to form the table base and the case opened up is the table top with all the props in their own compartment. At the end of the act all props are back in their individual niches and the case is closed and Bill walks off carrying the whole outfit."

Eddie Johnson has been getting a good laugh out of a magician's and M.C.'s prop which has been placed on the market this past year. It consists of an 8 x 10 cardboard sign with the words "APPLAUSE PLEASE" printed on one side. After doing a screwey bit of juggling pull out this sign and wait till a few in the audience beat their palms. The cardboard sign is then turned around and spectators see printed the words "THANK YOU". The sign is turned around once more and the words "BOTH OF YOU" greet the amused spectators. Yep we have 'em in stock for a buck.



St. Louis, Missouri June 19, 1946

(Thanks, Charlton Chute for this fine review of one of our outstanding jugglers)

Apparatus on cocktail wagon- Carrer works at very fast tempo introducing and explaining each trick with a few words in a happy manner.

1. On rectangular tray are placed six tomato juice glasses in a row. In each is placed a spoon. The tray is then revolved on its longer axis without dropping a glass or spoon.

2.Carrer straps on a belt with a pocket in the rear containing eight imitation oranges.

(a) Does fast low shower with four oranges.

(b) juggles eight oranges, four in each hand in pairs.

(c) Throws the balls up singly catching them in pocket in the rear, the final one on a fast spin.

3. juggles a large white plate hand over hand, off shoulder, etc.

4. Adds a large imitation bottle (smaller in diameter than a beer bottle and taller) - tips it end for end on plate, catches on side, on cork, on bottom etc., catches on arm and does sliding club move.

5. Brings on tray with ten stemmed goblets in a line. In front of each goblet is an ice cube, a slice of lemon and a cherry. In the first toss each ice cube goes into a goblet, in the second toss each lemon slice goes in, and in final toss each cherry goes in its goblet.

6. A six foot rod is introduced on top of which a knife blade is fixed horizontally. The pole is balanced on the chin--an apple tossed up and sliced in two coming down on the blade. Carrer catches one half of the apple in each hand.



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Jack Taylor pens that Boy Foy is expected to leave England for U.S. sometime in November. Boy Foy is presently appearing in the Blackpool Tower Circus.

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