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Number 51, May 1949


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Number 51 May - 1949

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Another year rolls around and I.J.A. announces its Second Annual Juggling Convention to be held June 19, 20, 21, 22, at Jamestown. BUT it's more than just another convention. Want to hear more? Well, listen to this!

Jamestown will again be the host city and all of you that were there last year will know what that means. For those attending for the first time let us brief you - Jamestown isn't a big place, but it isn't a village either - just right for a convention of this kind, and we believe that every citizen likes and is interested in Juggling and Jugglers, no doubt due to the propaganda of Doc Crosby and Harry Lind. The Jamestown Post Journal certainly went all out for us last year and is ready to do it again. And you couldn't ask for a nicer hotel or a more reasonable rate than that offered by the Hotel Jamestown.

Last year the "Big Toss Up" public show was a great one but the turn out wasn't as great as had been hoped for and the auditorium was second choice. Many people indicated to Harry Lind and Doc Crosby that they hoped to see the show if it ever was presented in Jamestown again. SO LISTEN TO WHAT HAS BEEN COOK- ED UP FOR THIS YEAR-- The American Legion has taken over the sponsorship of the show- and that means plenty. In the first place the Legion has obtained the beautiful High School Auditorium which is located about six blocks from the hotel and seats over 1600 people. And the Legion is well under way toward hanging out the SRO sign. The Show? We thought last year's production was the best we'd ever seen, but Vin Carey who is in charge of the show says he'll top it this year. The Legion is planning an additional feature - a souvenir program.

The complete line-up of events hasn't been released yet, but the "Big Toss Up" public show will be Tuesday night, June 21st and the Banquet on Wednesday, June 22nd.

The registration cost for everything is still being held down to the same amount as last year- $5.00. It's actually the greatest bargain in the entertainment field. The registration fee includes the Big Show, the Banquet and all special sessions and events.

That is what the I.J.A. offers you. - Here's what you can do for the I.J.A. and Juggling in general -

BE THERE ! The success of any convention depends on good attendance. Send in your registration NOW to Wm. H. Crosby, 119 E. 5th, Jamestown, N.Y. If you can appear on the big show contact Vin Carey, 202 Clay St., Baltimore, Md. If you have already made arrangements to appear, be sure to send Vin all the publicity and pictures you can. They will be used to advantage both in the Jamestown paper and in the Souvenir program.

A last minute letter advises us that Pryde and Day will again be there and you might as well know that we consider the Pryde Vs. Jennings feud worth more than the price of admission. Vin also reports the lining up of some other great acts.

As a parting suggestion - Time is short - If you haven't sent in your registration DO IT TODAY BY AIR- MAIL! Let your Convention Committee know that you are backing them in this important event and give them every opportunity to better serve you.

If we were to parachute down in Jamestown anytime between June 19-22, we'd hope to see YOU.



CLOSED opera hat can be used and juggled a'la plate for rolls, etc. - and opened out later for other tricks.

"THE BOUNCE" (comedy)

Hat is held as above and is jerked to body- Body is now jerked forward and hat "shoots" out - and is caught again.


1) Hat held in right hand.

2) Fingers tilt up hat and turn it right over- Thumb still on crown side.

3) Hat is now jerked forward smartly allowing it to go well forward.

4) Catching hat as above, - the #2 turn-over is then repeated a few times (with catch)

5) Hat is then turned as number 1, and is then thrown as shown

This edge is now given a sharp upward blow with fingers and hat spins backwards, and is caught as #4.

Joe Marsh.


Swivel-end to allow spiral to turn easily

A very effective trick - Made from thick wires and covered with paper-maché and decorated.


Novelty for children's shows

Tricks and moves are made with one real silver coin, and then Jug. produces giant coin (silvered and painted to imitate real one) and then juggles 1, 2, 3, & 4 giant coins - with patter and gags re. money.

Joe Marsh.

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