Juggler's World: Vol. 38, No. 2


The rate for classifieds is 30 cents per word, with a $6 minimum. Send your ad and payment to: Terry Dodd, advertising manager, 1210 North Shore Dr., Roswell, GA 30076. Deadline for the Fall issue is August 1.

JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER! "Juggling is for Me," by Rande Aronson and Nancy Temple. Available from the authors. $8.95 includes postage and handling. Box 10896, Minneapolis, MN 55440.

"PATTERNS." The only juggling book entirely dedicated to passing and passers. Staggeringly comprehensive, easy to read and use. More than 450 pages, countless illustrations. In-depth coverage of configurations with two to six people. Not many copies left. Send $30 plus $2 postage ($5 in Europe) to: Richard Dingman, 64 Wendell, Cambridge, MA 02138.

QUIX STIX. The best combination of Devil's Stick and Chinese Flowerstick. $9 includes tax and shipping. Also available, Kiken Shuttle Cock, the original ancient Chinese footbag. $3.50 includes tax and shipping. Contact Jahnathon Whitfield, 923-1/2 S. Ross, Santa Ana, CA 92701. 714/541-JUGL.

ANNIVERSARY ISSUE. In compiling research for the 40th anniversary edition of "Juggler's World," the staff is seeking to contact notable members of the past. Anyone having information on Joe Taylor, the first black member of the IJA, or on jugglers who performed with the old Negro baseball leagues, is asked to contact "Juggler's World."

ADVERTISING SALES. Earn commissions from part-time work as "Juggler's World" advertising sales manager. Phone or write Terry Dodd, 1210 North Shore Dr., Roswell, GA 30076, 404/993-8586 day or night.

SPEAK RUSSIAN OR CHINESE? And are you coming to the convention? Would you like to help interpret for our Chinese and Russian guests? Please contact convention chairmen Barry and Sue Bakalor 408/247-3123.

CONVENTION CARAVAN: People interested in caravaning from Denver to the San Jose convention should contact Tricia Allen at 303/869-8513 or 303/32BALLS.
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