Juggler's World

Summer 1986

Vol. 38, No. 2

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Remember the Force Hassan!
You've heard for years about those hieroglyphic jugglers on the walls of an Egyptian tomb. Billy Gillen did some digging to find out what they're doing there.

Two former solo artists bring the best of stage and street together under the Big Apple Circus big top.

Gentleman Juggler Felix Adonos
One of the greatest salon jugglers ever still lives in Vienna, where he recalled some memories and tossed a few balls with the Raspyni Brothers, who tell us about it.




Joggler's Jottings


All our Yesterdays
A profile of Sandy Lyle from a 1953 IJA Newsletter. How it was for jugglers "back then."

A book for children, one for laughs, one for the serious student and even a juggling computer disk come up for inspection.

Juggling with Finesse
Kit Summers

David Faithfull and Per Nielsen

Juggling is for me
Nancy Marie Temple and Rande Aronson

The Juggler
Bruce Love

This Spring brought jugglers together all over America, and some saw the first IJA regionals.

Encounters along the road to the Amherst festival
On the road with Kit Summers.

Texans hold first festival
North Texas Jugglers Festival, Denton, Texas.

Rochester rocks again
Ninth Annual Spring Juggle-In, Rochester, New York.

No fooling Isla Vista jugglers
10th Annual Isla Vista Juggler's Festival, California.

Hill qualifies for Nationals from Midwest regionals
Rubber City Jugglers, Akron, Ohio.

Schedule of upcoming festivals
Schedules and contact information for upcoming festivals.

Who's performing where.

Angus of Chicago
Some doodling drawn with a typewriter.


Juggler's World back issues, IJA membership drive, 1986 San Jose convention.

3 pictures: scarves, 7 clubs passed back-to-back, cigar boxes.

The Juggling Arts
Spinning plates.


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