Juggler's World: Vol. 38, No. 4

New Products

Plate and Bottle

[bottle on plate photo]

This plate and bottle manipulation set is just one of the featured items in the new catalog from Variety Arts Enterprises. Sure to appeal to those interested in classic juggling and manipulation, this 12-inch, 24 oz. wine bottle (Chateau Fumbleaux) is hand-turned from a block fo American hard maple, primed, painted gloss black, then finished with two coats of tough gloss polyurethane for a glass-like appearance. The neck is given a rubberized coating to facilitate the more difficult maneuvers. A heavy-duty plastic plate and an instruction sheet are included in the set, which is available for $30 postpaid. The 9-inch, 14 oz. Spruce beer bottle for toss juggling is available for $15 postpaid.

For a free catalog describing a new line of props, publications, decorative mylar, and other accessories, write to Variety Arts Enterprises, Box 489, Newburyport, MA 01950.

Rolling globe

If you have to have a rolling globe, contact The Juggling Arts. Their modern globes are solid white fiberglass and perfectly round. If you can ride a unicycle, walking a globe is no problem.

It's not a prop for the street, but is a hit on the stage. Globes are $220 for the 21-inch model, $247 for 24-inch, $275 for 26-inch, and $302 for 28-inch. Shipping via Greyhound is an additional $40-$70. For more information on globes or other products, contact The Juggling Arts, 612 Calpella Dr., San Jose, CA 95136.

Prop transport

[prop case photo]

Matrix Enterprises Inc. of San Diego recently introduced an exciting new concept in prop cases: the SpaceCase. Developed by the company's owner, Michael Anderson, the inexpensive kit comes with simple step-by-step bonding instructions to produce a sturdy box from pre-cut pieces. Available in any size from 90 cubic inches to 10 cubic feet, the custom cases can store or transport props, cameras, electronic instruments -- just about anything that needs to be put in a case!

Constructed of tough 1/8-inch ABS plastic, there's nothing to rust or corrode. No tools or cutting are required. Add foam or plywood liners for extra protection. Heavy-duty handles and locking latches are available. For more information, price list and order form, contact Matrix Enterprises, 7015 Carroll Rd., San Diego, CA 92121 or call 619/450-9509.

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