Juggler's World

Winter 1986

Vol. 38, No. 4

Table of Contents

Cover: Airbrush illustration capturing the spirit of EXPO86 by W. Bruce Fox, originally from Charlottesville, Va., who is now a freelance illustrator in Baltimore, Md. His favorite things to juggle are clients and fun.


Vancouver's World's Fair turned out to be a wondrous festival of street performing. Unimpressed with the pavilions, crowds enjoyed dozens of live acts. by Steve Westren.

Ray the Heavyweight
Big, black Donnia Ray Smith works to lift his strongman juggling career beyond street performing at San Francisco's cable car turnarounds. But if you can't impress them with five bowling balls, what else can you do? by Orrel Lanter.

Tight Tights
Ever had one of those juggling gigs where your costume didn't seem to fit? Here's a funny story about just that. by Todd MacLeish.

Cardboard Karamazovs
A review of the Karamazov Brothers new show, which includes a collapsing wall of boxes, a club shot from a cannon and musical body bounces! by Russ Kaufman.

Castle Convention
A report on the 9th European Juggling Festival, held in an ancient walled castle in Spain. by Toby Philpott and Paul Keast.

Golden Gate Park
Come visit the San Francisco juggling get-together on a typical Sunday afternoon, and meet Marcus Markoni and Craig Barnes. by Orrel Lanter.



Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.




New Products


Making the best of an unfortunate trip to Las Vegas.

Joggler's Jottings
A review of Dave Finnigan's new book "The Complete Juggler."

Kitting Around
Kit Summers reports on juggling acts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Tips and Tricks

All our Yesterdays
Enrico Rastelli would have been 90.



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