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International Juggler's Association 40th Anniversary Photo Album

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Historic Moment. On April 15, 1985, Don Williams became the first juggler in space. Williams, captain of the shuttle Discovery, manipulated apples and oranges as part of a "Toys in Space" project. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Photographs courtesy of Roger Dollarhide.
Al Conners, Ed Johnson, Harry Lind, Harry Ferrier, Ted & Flo Valett, Jay Green, Lane Blumenthal, Gene Jones, Hovey Burgess.

Photographs courtesy of Paul Bachman.
The Juggling Jewels, The Elgins, The Juggling Normans, Rudy Horn, Bill Dietrich & Nick Gatto, Francis Brunn, Lew Folds, Red Johnson, Trixie.

Photographs courtesy of Bobby Jule.
The 1949 IJA Convention, letterheads, Harry Lind, Ben & Billie Mowatt, Pryde & Dell, Bobby Jule, Bobby Winters, Sandy Lyle.

Photographs courtesy of Roger Montandon.
The Great Knetzger, club construction.

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